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The 19th Biennial International Conference
Breastfeeding: An Ancient Art—A Modern Miracle

Hilton Washington and Towers
Washington DC, USA
July 2-5, 2005
Preceded by: Physicians' Seminar; International Mastery Symposium, June 29-July 1; World Assembly, July 2-5; Peer Counselor and Program Administrator Training


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La Leche League International announces its 2005 Conference theme: Breastfeeding: An Ancient Art—A Modern Miracle. Breastfeeding, an ancient art once passed on from woman to woman, ensured the survival of the human species for eons. As science made it possible for babies to survive without human milk, at least in industrial parts of the world, the practice of the art slowly began to wane. In many cultures women grew up and never saw a baby being breastfed. The Founders of La Leche League recognized that breastfeeding, though natural, was an art – an art that in a bottle-feeding culture needed to be revived and supported.

Referring to the fact that many women in her native Nigeria considered breastfeeding to be outdated, Gloria Okemuo, LLLI-trained Peer Counselor Administrator, wrote: “Unfortunately, most mothers of today consider breastfeeding something that belongs to the past. Indeed, it is an ancient art, which has been proven by scientific research to be a modern miracle.” Gloria's profound statement inspired the Conference team to adapt her words and use it as LLLI's Conference theme for 2005.

When the Founders of LLL set out to help mothers breastfeed, they knew in their hearts that breastfeeding was best for baby and for mother. Today, scientific research has proven beyond a doubt what they instinctively felt in their hearts: breastfeeding is the optimal method of infant feeding. Every day when you help a mother breastfeed, you are passing on an ancient art that produces a modern miracle.

star!Please join us! LLLI's 19th International Conference promises:

  • Compelling sessions
  • Cutting-edge evidence-based research
  • Opportunity to network with parents and professionals around the globe
  • The Seven Founders of La Leche League International
  • World-class speakers

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