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2005 LLLI Converence Podcasts from La Leche League International

Podcasts are the newest offering from the LLLI Online Communications Department, and the 2005 LLLI Conference Technology Room hosted their debut! We have linked to all the podcasts that recorded successfully below. We now have a podcast collection , with most of the Technology Room conversations linked there, plus additional topics of interest to breastfeeding mothers, parents, LLL members and LLL Leaders alike!

What are Podcasts?

podcast in action"Podcasting" is a relatively new term that refers to recordings of conversations or monologues that are uploaded to the World Wide Web in MP3 format, a common type of file that is playable on most personal computers, as well as on portable listening devices such as iPods and the like. For more information or help, read our instructions or our Troubleshooting and FAQ section. You can also click this link to Wikipedia's definition to learn more about podcasts in general.

We are also pleased to offer an RSS feed for all of the Conference podcasts. (More information)

Podcast Basics

LLL Podcast 001 - Welcome!
A brief introduction to the La Leche League Podcast, and an overview of whom we'll interview at the International Conference, summer 2005. (2 min)

LLL Podcast 002 - What is a Podcast?
Podcasting is all in the news these days. What exactly is a podcast, and how can I listen to the La Leche League Podcast? A quick discussion of streaming, downloads, and subscribing to all the LLL podcasts via an RSS "feed." (6 min)


(Note, for more podcasts recorded after the LLLI Conference and organized by topic, see our complete Podcasts Page--new recordings are added often.)

LLL Podcast 030-MusicFun 1: Breastfeeding Chant
Kathy Grossman, Sue Scott, Allison Parkes, Nancy Jo Bykowski, and Zoe Mulford, "The Conference Pickup Singers," perform a song composed at the La Leche League International Conference in Washington, D.C., July 2005. (1:23)

LLL Podcast 031 - MusicFun 2: Turn Me Around
Kathy Grossman, Sue Scott, Allison Parkes, Nancy Jo Bykowski, and Zoe Mulford, "The Conference Pickup Singers," singing together at the LLLI Conference in Washington, D.C., July 2005. (1:57)
(url: )

LLL Podcast 029 - Working From Home
Author and work-at-home expert Kristi Tamsevicuis shares her secrets about how to create a life you love through entrepreneurship, as described in her book, I Love My Life. (14 min.)
(url=" )

LLL Podcast 028 - Catherine Watson Genna - Tongue-tie and breastfeeding/Sensory Integration (Processing) Disorder
Catherine Watson Genna, IBCLC, explains tongue-tie and the serious secondary problems it causes for infants and mothers. She also sheds light on sensory integration (or sensory processing) disorder, and how adults can help babies and children live with this condition. (20 min.)

Podcast 027 - Gordon Neufeld - Attachment in Childhood and Adolescence
Psychologist, author and dad, Gordon Neufeld, PhD, expounds on the importance of attachment with and structure for our children as they grow into adolesence and young adulthood. Dr. Neufeld's books include Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Matter. (29 min.)

LLL Podcast 026 - Diane Wiessinger - What other mammals can tell us about nursing
Lactation Consultant and breastfeeding author/researcher Diane Wiessinger examines mammalian behavior and explains what that tells us about breastfeeding and bonding between mothers and babies. Learn what "positional stability" means! (23 min.)

LLL Podcast 025 - Allison Battista - La Leche League of Great Britain
Chair of LLL Great Britain, Allison Battista, tells about her conference experience, and talks about La Leche League in England, Scotland, and Wales (and in her own London-area Group). (10 min.) LLL Great Britain can be found online at .

LLL Podcast 024 - Lu Hanessian - Let The Baby Drive
Lu Hanessian, tv personality, musician, and author of Let The Baby Drive: Navigating the Road of New Motherhood, talks about finding your mothering intuition, and finding yourself in the bargain. (29 min.) Lu's Web site is

LLL Podcast 023: Erin Adam - Activities of a Conference Scholarship Recipient
Canadian LLLLeader Erin Adam was one of 33 scholarship recipients, enabling her to attend this year's LLLI Conference. She is also a Conference Blogger, organizer of the quilt square exchange, and is involved in discussion lists on the Community Network.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 022: Jeanne Watson Driscoll - Women's Moods
Jeanne Watson Driscoll, PhD, talks about hormones, the brain, and women's mental health.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 021: Patricia Dubray - The Pizzazz Team
La Leche League Leader Patricia Dubray reflects on her involvement in the Pizzazz team, which provides entertainment and assistance with the International Conference.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 020: Look for this one after the conference

LLL Podcast 019: Nancy Mohrbacher - The "Natural Laws" of Breastfeeding
Nancy Mohrbacher, co-author of the Breastfeeding Answer Book, describes the seven "natural laws" of breastfeeding, which are featured in her new book, Breastfeeding Made Simple (co authored with Kathleen Kendall-Tackett.

LLL Podcast 018: Margaret Kenda - Nourishing our Families
Margaret Kenda, author of Whole Foods For Babies and Toddlers, talks about nurturing and nourishing our families from infancy to adulthood. She also talks about her project-based "Wizardry" series of books (Science Wizardry For Kids, etc.).
(url: )

LLL Podcast 017: Ana Tampanna - Humor, Healing and Friendship in Women's Lives
Ana Tampanna, author, speaker and humorist, tells about the importance of humor, healing, and friendship in women's lives.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 016: Susan Tracy - Creating a Connected Family Life
Montessori educator and author Susan Tracy explains her ideas for Creating a Connected Family Life: fostering strong relationships, encouraging home learning experiences, and setting limits on use of tv and computers.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 015: Elizabeth Pantley- The No-Cry Sleep Solution
Elizabeth Pantley explains the No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Pantley is the author of six books, including Gentle Baby Care, and Perfect Parenting: the Dictionary of 1000 Tips.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 014: Diana West - Milk Supply Issues
Diana West, LLL Leader, lactation consultant and author, explains issues and concerns surrounding low milk supply. Diana is author of the forthcoming book, Making More Milk: A Nursing Mother's Guide to Milk Supply, and the book Defining Our Own Success.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 013: Linda Franklin - LLL Alumnae Association
Linda Franklin, of the La Leche League Alumnae Association, explains what the group does, and what it can offer to LLL members and Leaders in their "post-breastfeeding" years.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 012: Hilary Flower- Adeventures in Gentle Discipline
Hilary Flower discusses her new book, Adventures in Gentle Discipline, which has just been published in July 2005. Hilary is also the author of the popular book, Adventures in Tandem Nursing.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 011: Barbara Coloroso - Just Because It's Not Wrong Doesn't Make it Right
Barbara Coloroso, author and parent educator, on fostering moral and ethical responsibility in our children, and talks about her address to the LLLI Conference (and upcoming book), Just Because It's Not Wrong Doesn't Make it Right.

LLL Podcast 010: Teresa Pitman - LLL Canada Executive Director
Teresa Pitman, Executive Director of LLL Canada, talks about current LLL Canada events, about writing about parenting and breastfeeding for books and magazines, and about working from home with children.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 009: Dr. Jack Newman
Dr. Jack Newman, breastfeeding authority and pediatrician, talks about toddler nursing, new research in kangaroo care for premature babies, and about how he came to be an expert in human lactation. His new DVD is Dr. Jack Newman's Visual Guide to Breastfeeding.
(url: )

LLL Podcast 008: Online La Leche League Chat Meetings
Norma Ritter, a La Leche League Leader from New York-W (USA), was an early facilitator of LLL online chats, and still leads many chat meetings. She talks about who attends chats, and how others can participate, too. More information on LLL chats can be found at
(url: )

LLL Podcast 007: Breastfeeding Abstracts, LLLI's Research-based Journal
Cindy Harmon-Jones, a Leader from Texas, USA, talks about her work as Editor of Breastfeeding Abstracts, about her 2005 LLLI Conference expectations and experiences, and about encouraging others to share their talents in LLL work.

LLL Podcast 006 - 50th Anniversary House Parties
Stephanie Weishaar, LLLI Director of Funding Development, talks about the 50th Anniversary House Party fundraising initiative. More information on hosting your own House Party is available at
(url: (13 min)

LLL Podcast 005 - International Mastery Symposium (IMS) and Open Space
Barb Barrett, Area Communications Coordinator for Minnesota and the Dakotas (USA), recounts her experiences at the IMS, talking about the Open Space session she hosted. Her session on new ideas for online reporting was very interesting!

LLL Podcast 004 - Teen Helpers in the Technology Room
Fourteen year-old Technology Room helper Kynan Kendall Murtagh tells us about helping set up the Tech Room at the International Conference.

Additional Scheduled 2005 LLLI Conference Conversations

These are the currently confirmed sessions. We have a number of tentative podcasts that we hope to list very soon! Note that scheduled topics may or may not reflect the direction the actual conversation leads to--and that's much of the fun!

Monday, July 4

9:30 am: Margaret Kenda, feeding your family, learning math and reading, and working from home
noon: Dr. Lawrence Gartner How Hospital Policies Adversely Affect the Management of Jaundice and Hypoglycemia
2:20 pm: Naomi Drew, Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids

Tuesday, July 5

10:15 am: Lu Hanessian, Let the Baby Drive: Navigating the Road of New Motherhood
1:45 pm: Gordon Neufeld
5:00 pm: Jeanne Watson Driscoll, Women's Moods: What every woman needs to know about hormones, the brain, and emotional health


To Play a Podcast:

When a podcast is available, we will provide a link to it. All you need to do, in most cases, is click on the link, which will bring up whatever software your computer has configured as its default MP3 playing software--such as RealOne player, iTunes, Windows Media player or WinAmp (there are others).

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

I can't hear anything!
Check your sound settings to be sure that you haven't set your speakers to mute. Make sure your speakers are plugged in. If using headphones, make sure they are plugged in.

When I click on a link, my software comes up, but then I get a message that it can't find the file!
This usually happens on RealOne Player. If it is in small mode, click >> then choose Tools. If it is in large mode, choose Tools. Then Preferences. Under Playback Settings, check "enable instant playback" and the file will stop trying to download.

I only want to listen to one particular podcast. How do I get started?
To listen to a single podcast, simply click on the link to the file you'd like to hear. Your computer's audio player should pop up, and begin playing the sound file. On some PC's, you may have to "right-click" (or control-click) with your mouse to bring up a menu of listening choices. Listening to an audio file without copying it to your hard drive is sometimes called "streaming audio." If you listen to internet radio stations, like National Public Radio in the U.S., you've already been listening to streaming audio.

I want to copy some of the podcasts to my hard drive, so I can listen "early and often." What do I do?
If you would like to have your own copy of a podcast, whether to refer back to it many times, or to "sync" the podcast to a more portable listening device (like an iPod or other mp3 player), you will need to copy it to your hard drive of your computer.

Copy an individual podcast to your hard drive by "right-clicking" on your mouse, or by pressing ctrl + click (on some laptops) on the desired podcast selection. Select the option to save or "download" the podcast to your computer's hard drive. Once you have saved the podcast file to your hard drive, you should be able to open it using your computer's audio player. Procedures for synching the podcast with your particular portable digital media player will vary according to which media player you use.

I'd like to hear all of LLL's podcasts. What's the easiest way to listen to them all?

Podcasting is a way of using your computer to automatically download audio shows to your iPod (or other player)*, so that you've always got something new to listen to. It's an exciting alternative to radio, because you choose what shows you want to listen to, and when and where you want to hear them.

*(And you can listen to podcasts right on your computer - no other player is needed.)

To automatically sync files to your computer or other portable audio device (like an iPod), you'll need to use a podcast client. iPodder is a free, open-source client that is available for Mac OS X, Windows & Linux. You can download a free copy of iPodder at their website: (

By setting up a podcast client, you will be able to "subscribe" to RSS feeds, just in the same way you can subscribe to a magazine or newspaper. You tell the podcast client (also sometimes called a newsfeeder, or an RSS aggregator) to update your computer and download any new "issues" of your favorite programs that it happens to find. This way, you will be able to listen to fresh material from La Leche League, without having to remember to keep checking back on the website to see if we have new interviews since the last time you visited.

A free step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a podcast client and subscribe to your favorite podcast programs, complete with illustrations, is available at

Here is the link for the LLLI Conference Podcast "feed."

Do I have to have an iPod in order to listen to the La Leche League Podcast?

No! Even though the iPod inspired the name, a podcast is by no means exclusive to users of the stylish little Apple music player. Many users listen to podcasts just as "streaming" audio on their computers. Other listeners copy individual podcasts to their computers' hard drives, and listen to them on the computer, or transfer them to a digital audio device. Finally, if you know you'd like to hear all the episodes of a particular podcast (like the La Leche League Podcast), you can have each new show automatically downloaded with the use of a podcast client, also sometimes called an RSS aggregator. (See directly above for more information on using an RSS aggregator.)

Some popular audio players include the iPod, the iRiver, the Rio, the MuVo, Creative Zen.... The new PlayStation Portable (PSP) can play podcasts, and there are even some fancy "smart" cell phones which can play podcasts!

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