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2005 LLLI ConverenceConference Scholarship Winners

The scholarship committee has great pleasure to announce the names of the recipients of the scholarships for the 2005 International Conference in Washington DC. The recipients are:

Eastern US:

Lori Odhner, Pennsylvania
Halle Barrett, Ohio
Micky Jones Tennessee
Dawn Burke, Georgia
Jane Saxton, New Jersey
Kristien Geldof, Connecticut

US Western Division:

Diana Gifford, Texas
Leslie Rimstad, Minnesota
Gail Markham, Wisconsin
Jennifer Filardo, Minnesota
Kathleen Salisbury, Washington
Michelle Cherry, Texas

International Division:

Cris Rosendal, Philippines
Davins Enrich, Barcelona, Spain
Fanny Vidal, Perú
Lavinia Belli, Belgium
Veronica de Vassolo, Argentina
Johanna Cusack, Republic of Ireland
Sylvie Filipski, France
Ada Torres, Republica Dominicana
Patricia Dulligan, Greece
Maritza de Villatoro, Guatemala
Sophie Yang, Taiwan
Ellen Longman, Israel


Chantal Desjardins, Canada
Liz Weatherly, New Zealand
Erin Adam, Canada
Alison Stanton, New Zealand
Florence Arthur, UK
Larissa Desrochers. Canada

Below is the original article about the scholarships

Esmé Nel, Conference scholarship Committee Facilitator
Wolseley, South Africa

Imagine walking into the Hilton Hotel in Washington, becoming one with a crowd of mothers and babies; breastfeeding, talking, laughing... Imagine attending sessions of speakers such as Barbara Coloroso, Anwar Fazal, Michael Young...Imagine sharing a room with someone you have known for a long, long time, but never have met face-to-face...This could be you.

New York Based Ripplewood Foundation Generously Donated Money for 2005 LLLI Conference Scholarships. Leader Constance Pond and her husband Glen Hubbard successfully solicited a $15,000 grant to be awarded to LLL Leaders for scholarships to attend the 2005 LLLI Conference in Washington, D.C., USA. According to Constance, "Keeping our ears open and being creative," led to this unique venture in fundraising.

The Scholarship committee (made up of twelve members from the 2003 Scholarship Committee and three new members -see sidebar) has decided to award 30 scholarships of $500 each.

Members of the 2005 Scholarship Committee
Sharon Barsotti – USA
Manon Brault – Canada
Amy Davidson – USA
Elaine Dawson – South Africa
Maria Del Mar Mazza – Argentina
Petro Garcia – South Africa
Rebecca Magalhaes – USA
Karmen Mlinar – Slovenia
Esmé Nel – South Africa
Gina Nigro – Spain
Trevlynn Oberholster – Philippines
Mary Roache – New Zealand
Terriann Shell – USA
Maria (Pili) Pena Vazquez – Paraguay
Mary Wales – USA

Applications for the 2005 LLLI Conference Scholarships were open to all Leaders accredited by the application deadline of Oct. 31, 2004. Applicants must have been Leaders who are actively working to fulfill LLL’s mission and purpose. Preference will be given to those who are hoping to attend their first LLLI Conference. Leaders who have applied previously, but were not chosen to receive a scholarship, could apply again. Previous Conference Scholarship recipients could not apply again. Applicants who have developed plans for sharing information once home from the Conference and who have made plans for acquiring the additional funds necessary to attend the Conference, increase their chances to be awarded a scholarship.

Leaders who would like to apply for a 2005 LLLI Conference Scholarship needed to respond to the application points in the form [no longer available]. The Scholarship Committee very much appreciated applications sent by email, if at all possible. Typed or handwritten applications were also accepted. The Scholarship Committee also asked for a recommendation, completed by another Leader, of your La Leche League work.Those who experienced any difficulty in obtaining a recommendation, could add a note to this effect to your application. The Scholarship Committee then sought other ways to obtain more information or a recommendation before awarding a scholarship.

Scholarships will be awarded, and all applicants notified of the results, by December 15, 2004.

Your dreams can come true.

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