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10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

#312-Global Session-Women and Work: Mothers Empowering Mothers to Overcome Obstacles to Breastfeeding and Working

Viana Maza, Diploma in Psychology, LLL Leader-Guatemala; Maria del Mar Mazza, Liaison/Global Hispanic Community, LLLI; LLL Leader - USA

This session will address the obstacles that women face when they combine breastfeeding with employment. It will look at how one mother can support another mother in this situation, sharing her own experience, information on local labor laws or policy or someone else’s situation about which she is knowledgeable. Attendees will learn the importance of helping mothers to hear and see the experiences of working mothers who have succeeded in continuing to breastfeed.

Boulevard A

Amy Bennett – Introducer

#313-Global Session-Monitoring: Infant and Young Child Feeding Indicators 101

Maryanne Stone-Jiménez, MSc, ACCE, IBCLC, Training Consultant, LLL Leader-Canada

This session will provide participants with an introduction to monitoring, evaluation and indicators pertaining to Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF), through a guided discussion where participants will fill in any learning gaps on IYCF indicators.

Boulevard B

Beverly Spencer - Introducer

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

#328-Global Session-Prioritize Breastfeeding: Action at the Non-Governmental Level for Mother Support

Prashant Gangal, MD, Co-coordinator, WABA Mother Support Task Force-India

This session aims to provide guidelines to individuals and organizations to take effective synchronized action, not only at the non-governmental level, but also to influence government policies and legislation.

Boulevard A

Barbara Sturmfels - Introducer

#329-Global Session-Health and Nutrition: Mother Care and Breastfeeding: the Important Role of Mental Health during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Sarah Fields, LLL Leader, Indiana USA; Monica Tesone, LLL Leader, Professional Liaison, International Division-Argentina;

This session will focus on the important role of women's mental health during the prenatal and perinatal periods, explore how breastfeeding benefits a woman's mental well-being, examine how healthcare providers in the mental health arena can promote and protect the breastfeeding relationship while treating mental health issues and discuss ways that breastfeeding is possible and beneficial, even in challenging situations.

Boulevard B

Sarah Fields – Introducer/Presenter

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