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10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

#107 – Global Session-Empower Women: Caring Conversations, Transformative Tales: Listening to the Meaning of Mothering.

Jo-Anne Elder-Gomes, Ph.D, LLL Leader, IBCLC - Canada

In this session, participants will take part in an experiential workshop, putting approaches including empathetic communication, appreciative inquiry, narrative approaches and rooted accompaniment into practice.

Boulevard A

Joan Crothers- Introducer

#108 – Global Session-BFHI: A Recipe for Success-Making Baby Friendly Happen: learning from the experiences of Baby-Friendly in Aotearoa New Zealand

Jenny Humphries, Nurse and Midwife, Board Chairperson, NZBA: Baby-Friendly Aotearoa New Zealand; Rosemary Gordon, Board Member of NZBA and LLLI, LLL Leader- New Zealand

This session will examine how progress has come about in New Zealand in BFHI and what factors have proven important, with an opportunity for Questions and Answers and in an interactive session to identify obstacles and develop strategies.

Boulevard B

Lynne Coates – Introducer

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

#123 – Global Session-Code: YOUth for CODE

Santiago Vallone, Diploma in Social Journalism, Founding Member of RUMBA, Argentina; Liew Mun Tip, Bachelor in Communication, Deputy Director-WABA, Malaysia; Koh Kah Ling, WABA - Malaysia; Diogo Mboa, Reencontro - Mozambique; Jose Quiros, RUMBA-Costa Rica; Brie Abbe, Volunteer, WABA Youth Initiative, New York, USA

In this session, members of the WABA Youth Initiative (a new group which was established in October 2006 in Penang, Malaysia) will address the untapped potential of Youth as a force for change to create a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers and create awareness on unethical marketing of breastmilk substitutes.

Boulevard A

Alice Barbiere - Introducer

#124 – Global Session-Women and Work: Protect Maternity, Protect Breastfeeding: Legislative and practical solutions for women at work in formal and informal sectors

Sarah Amin, Co-Director, WABA - Malaysia; Chris Mulford, IBCLC, RN, LLL Leader –USA

This session will engage participants to analyze gender inequality as a factor that marginalizes women, particularly working women in the informal sector as recognized in the Innocenti Declaration 2005, to look at their own situations and share creative ways to deal with the obstacles.

Boulevard B

Loretta McCallister- Introducer

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