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2007 LLLI Converence

2007 Scholarship Winners

The scholarship committee has great pleasure to announce the names of the recipients of the scholarships for the 2007 LLLI 50th Anniversary Conference in Chicago. The recipients are:

Eastern US:

Michelle Roth
Diana Cassar-Uhl
Neva Campbell
Phyllis Burge
Heather Songer
Diana Molina
Emily Vedra
Tiffany Beckwith
Shannon Shanely
Janell Robisch
Dorothy Seitz

US Western Division:

Kathleen Moore
Helen Grant
Valerie Davis
Annette Dailey
Heather Johnson
Jeanine Ketch
Laura Roland
Sarah Field
Amy Jerke
Ginny Chadwick
Teryl Anderson

International Division:

Kelly Lim
Erin Meyer
Rebecca Sato
Veronica Garea
Shelley Gat
Basmat Even-Zohar
Natasha Kapsali
Avital Mulay
Nataliya Polizhak
Carla Durruti
Efrat Amitay
Evelyne van Andel
Naoko Naka
Satoko Nyudo
Raphaelle Rungassamy
Valeria Calderon
Yael Shalev
Abbie Yabot
Sami Tsuchida
Shoko Arisawa


Elise Ristau
Karen Spicer
Chris Ortenburger
Nicola Aquino
Carolyn Driver-Burgess
Brylin Highton
Jenni Duke
Karen Lee
Valerie Morris
Loriza Knapton
Tara Leigh vanderMeulen

New Leaders

Kyla Seaton
Sue Battel

Longtime Leaders

Anne Murphy
Joan Little
Sue Sutton

Congratulations to the Leaders who were selected to receive these Scholarships. The applications were exemplary and it was very difficult to Select the Leaders to receive scholarships.

Below is the original article about Conference Scholarships

2007 International Conference Scholarships Available

Can you imagine a room filled with . . .
. . . breastfed babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and adults?
. . . breastfeeding mothers and their partners?
. . . experts in the fields of breastfeeding and parenting?
. . . La Leche League Leaders from all over the world?

Even better, how about a hotel full? Others have imagined it too and are making it a reality as La Leche League celebrates its 50th birthday during the LLL International Conference in Chicago from July 20 – 23, 2007. And you should be there! How? Consider applying for a Conference Scholarship!

Do the following criteria describe you?

  • An accredited Leader as of September 30, 2006 and current on dues
  • Have not yet attended a LLL International Conference
  • Currently working to fulfill LLL's mission and purpose, whether by leading Groups and/or through an administrative position
  • Know an active Leader who can recommend you
  • Need help funding this exciting opportunity
  • Conference travel plans do not include non-dependent children or family
  • Willing and eager to share information upon returning home and can provide a concrete plan to do so

Yes? GOOD NEWS! LLLI is offering fifty scholarships in the amount of $485 each to be awarded to Leaders throughout the International community. This scholarship covers the conference registration. The fifty scholarships will be divided as follows:

  • New Leaders who have been accredited since July 2005 (2)
  • Long-time Leaders who were accredited prior to 1991 (3)
  • International Division (18)
  • United States Western Division (9)
  • United States Eastern Division (9)
  • Affiliates (9)
  • Willing and eager to share information upon returning home and can provide a concrete plan to do so

Applications will be scored on a point system based on the aforementioned criteria. Bonus points will be awarded to applicants currently in administrative positions and applications that meet the Early Bird deadline.

Applying is easy!

STEP ONE : Answer the following application questions thoroughly. (Note: this application is also available as a Word doc.)

  1. Personal Information: Name, LLLI Division, Group name and town, Email address, Street address, Telephone number, Fax number, Name of recommending leader, Email/Telephone number of recommending leader, Date of LLL accreditation, Date of last dues paid
  2. List all LLL positions you currently fill and have filled in the past. Note: An extra point will be awarded to those currently in administrative/area positions.
  3. Have you previously attended an LLLI Conference? Note: Previous Conference Scholarship recipients may not apply. However, recipients of Conference Scholarships who were unable to attend and use funds may apply again. Please include an explanation with the application.
  4. How do you plan to obtain the remainder of your funding? Please provide a budget outline including funding received from other LLL sources -- Group, Chapter, or Area.
  5. Are other family members traveling with you? Please explain why. Note: Applicants who will be traveling with non-dependant toddlers/children or family will only be considered in special circumstances as the scholarship is intended specifically for Leaders who would not otherwise be able to attend
  6. How do you plan to share your Conference experiences and learning once you return home?

STEP TWO: Obtain a recommendation letter from an active Leader. Applications without an accompanying recommendation will be disqualified.

STEP THREE: Submit application and recommendation letter together by 12:00AM CST, SEPTEMBER 30, 2006 to Esme Nel via:

Snailmail: PO Box 57, Wolseley, South Africa, 6830
OR Fax: (27-23-231-1834)

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