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Prospective Projects for 2009

Your contribution will make mission-based projects such as these possible.

New Mother Packets for US
“Baby-Friendly” Hospitals

This project will provide new mother packets to hospitals in the United States that support breastfeeding. There are 67 hospitals in the United States that have made this commitment to become "baby friendly" and our goal is for LLLI to be the prime breastfeeding resource for mothers once they leave the hospital.

Partnerships with "baby-friendly" hospitals help ensure that health care professionals, like lactation consultants, receive the most current information on breastfeeding and tips for solving common problems like latch-on and positioning. These health care professionals are often the first contact for new mothers so getting the most up-to-date information in their hands is the best way for mothers to receive the support they need.

New Mother Packet

The complimentary New Mother Packet contains:

  • A congratulatory card that lists breastfeeding resources available on our Web site;
  • Breastfeeding Guide: Tips & Products, a catalog that contains answers to frequently asked breastfeeding questions along with products related to breastfeeding and nursing wear;
  • A tear-off information sheet titled "Is My Breastfed Baby Getting Enough Milk?";
  • The latest edition of New Beginnings, a magazine dedicated to the breastfeeding family’s lifestyle.

PROJECT UPDATE: The initial batch of these packets were assembled by two local Girl Scout Troops from Schaumburg, Illinois, USA as one of their service projects. To read more about these wonderful girls, click here to read an article from the most recent edition of Leaven.

As of August 7, 2009, LLLI has shipped 9,175 packets to 28 hospitals and facilities in the US.

LLLI Videos

La Leche League International is partnering with a professional film producer to develop videos that can increase our outreach and fundraising efforts.

Videos in this project include:

  • A video about the benefits and techniques of breastfeeding;
  • An institutional video about LLLI that can be used for fundraising events and in speaking engagements to hospitals as well as clubs and organizations like Rotary International, Kiwanis, General Federation of Women’s Clubs;
  • A public service announcement for distribution in the media and for LLLI Leaders to share in their community;
  • Video clips—geared toward mothers—for the LLLI Web site on topics most requested, such as latch-on and positioning. These can also be made available to healthcare professionals for sharing with new mothers in the hospital;
  • Educational videos that highlight breastfeeding in special situations, e.g., breastfeeding special needs children, twins, or breastfeeding in the workplace.

Leader Accreditation Scholarship Program

Mothers interested in helping other mothers breastfeed can go through an accreditation program to become certified “Leaders.”

Through the generous support from a key corporate sponsor, LLLI was perviously able to establish a Leader Scholarship Program that provides scholarships to applicants in the United States who cannot afford the application fee.

LLLI would like to expand this program through fundraising efforts, making scholarships available to applicants around the world.

For information about becoming an accredited “Leader” through this scholarship program, please contact your local group Leader.

Translations, Printing, & Distribution of LLLI Materials

Continuing translations of LLLI materials into other languages are a necessary step in reaching a broader group of mothers worldwide. Many of the current translations are on our Web site, but there are mothers in some countries who do not have access to the Internet so providing printed copies is important. Since most translation work is done by LLLI Leaders at no cost, the primary cost for this ongoing project is printing and distribution.

New and continuing translations include the languages listed below.

Las Hijas de Hirkani


(3 dialects)


New Publications and Editions of Cornerstone Books

Updating our definitive guide, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (2004), will provide mothers with current research as well as tools needed to make informed decisions about birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. New publications include pocket guides of this book as well as The Breastfeeding Answer Book. These are two of our most requested books.

For questions about the projects listed on this page or regarding donations to LLLI, please contact the Development Department at (847) 519-7730, ext. 240, or fdassociate@llli.org.

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