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2012 Recipe for Breastfeeding Success: Prepare
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Develop a network of support

LLLI Mother-to-Mother Support Network
The hallmark of LLLI and its uniqueness is its mother-to-mother support network. The LLLI mission is carried out in 70 countries by thousands of accredited volunteer Leaders—mothers who have breastfed their own children and received training by LLLI—who provide breastfeeding information and support at no cost to the mother. Support is offered in the form of:

  • La Leche League group meetings, a community of mothers that share their experiences and provide support and encouragement
  • One-to-one personal visits
  • Phone and email support
  • Mother forums on our LLLI website,

Obtain breastfeeding resources

Developed in coordination with major medical associations, LLLI materials are recognized internationally as a trusted source for accurate and current breastfeeding information.

Reading Resource Materials The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding – LLLI cornerstone book and
National Best Seller that provides mothers with answers to many breastfeeding
questions and explores how the practical aspects of mothering through breastfeeding
can benefit their family.

Breastfeeding Guide: Tips and Products – includes answers to frequently asked breastfeeding questions plus a section featuring useful books and products

Information sheets – one-page snapshots covering key breastfeeding topics that are easily accessible and can be translated into various languages.

Online Support

LLLI Website ( – contains a help forum, breastfeeding articles, and directory that helps families around the world locate La Leche League Leaders in their community who can provide them with breastfeeding support.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Logos

Social networking and mobile apps – LLLI is working to
deliver information to moms today utilizing current technology.

LLLI’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest provides opportunities
for moms to share breastfeeding stories and tips with other moms.

Currently over 44% of our online traffic is via mobile devices. This year LLLI will introduce an app for the iPhone that will address frequently asked questions, help mothers locate a local La Leche League Leader in their community, and accept donations to LLLI.

These resources are available through our online store at





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