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The Child Survival and Collaborations Resources Group (CORE)


LLLI entered the "world" of child survival (CS) in 1988 with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded CS Projects in Guatemala and Honduras, which ended in 1992. Since 1989, LLLI has attended various child survival workshops, which were implemented at first by the Child Survival Support Project (CSSP) funded by USAID and directed to Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) headquarters managers of CS projects. At the 1998 CS workshop, the idea of establishing a consortium of PVOs working in child survival was introduced, denominated CORE and after 4 years, CORE has now received its 501( C ) 3 status. CORE has also taken over the planning and implementation of the annual workshops. Currently, membership in CORE is restricted to PVOs (35) who have applied, have had or are implementing child survival projects. A Board elected by the membership governs CORE and a small staff headed by an executive director support its activities. CORE activities are implemented through seven working groups (HIV/AIDS, Integrated Management of Childhood Illness, Malaria, Monitoring and Evaluation, Nutrition, Social Behavior Change, and Safe Motherhood/Reproductive Health). CORE member PVO staff plans and carries out the activities of the various working groups.

Annual CORE Group Spring Membership Meeting

LLLI, as a member of CORE , attended the annual CORE membership meeting, April 22-26, 2002. The 2002 meeting was hosted by Project HOPE, a CORE member PVO headquartered outside of Millwood, Virginia USA. Approximately 120 persons attended the meeting. LLLI representatives, Rebecca Magalhães and Natalia Smith, participated actively in the meeting, providing input and comments relative to breastfeeding and LLLI and making written materials on breastfeeding and LLLI available to the meeting participants. As a member of the CORE Nutrition working group (NWG), Rebecca attended all its sessions and provided input to its annual work plan (2002-03), while Natalia joined the Safe Motherhood/Reproductive Health working group. Rebecca and Natalia met with staff from the PVO "Foundation of Compassionate American Samaritans - FOCAS" to continue discussions on a FOCAS/LLLI collaborative activity to support breastfeeding and establish mother-to-mother support groups in FOCAS child survival communities in Haiti. During the week, they also had the opportunity to discuss and explore funding sources that would allow for a position at LLLI to address the issue of breastfeeding a nd HIV/AIDS.

If you would like a copy of the Trip Report, please contact Rebecca Magalhães at RMagalhaes at

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