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Recommended Reading from the Book Evaluation Committee (BEC) - 2008

The following titles were evaluated by the BEC and added to the Bibliography as recommended reading in 2008. Check availability in the LLLI Online Store, or click on the titles of the books.

Altman, Denise
CLINICS IN HUMAN LACTATION: History and Assessment, It's All in the Details
Hale Publishing, 2008

The author provides an overview of the information that needs to be compiled during the history taking part of the patient interview. Interview items such as cross cultural communication, documentation and charting methods, and unique situations that affect breastfeeding are featured. examples, case studies, and sample forms are provided.

Arnall, Judy
Professional Parenting Canada, 2007

This book provides parents with 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without spanking, punishment, or time-outs. The author, also the founder of Attachment Parenting Canada, explains a form of gentle discipline that parents and children can feel good about.

Bradley, Robert A., Marjie Hathaway, Jay Hathaway, & James Hathaway
HUSBAND-COACHED CHILDBIRTH: The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth
Bantam, 5th Ed., 2008

Revised and updated edition has all the information you need to approach a natural childbirth safely, confidently, and wisely. From the reasons to choose the Bradley Method to the steps you will take as your birth day approaches—and after the birth of your baby—this book is designed to help couples share completely in the birthing experience.

Buescher, E. Stephen & Susan W. Hatcher
Hale Publishing, 2008

In this book, the authors describe common diseases that mothers and babies may have, discuss how each disease is usually treated, explain how breastfeeding may help the disease, and provide a general summary about whether or not breastfeeding is recommended if the mother or child has the disease. If you counsel pregnant or breastfeeding moms, Breastfeeding and Diseases is the perfect addition to your resource library.

Butler, Chrissy
Mrwillombah Print Spot, 2008

The Wonderful Place is a beautiful look at why one toddler enjoys breastfeeding. The unique watercolor illustrations in this children’s book are engaging and supportive of nursing relationships. Toddlers will identify with the descriptions of love and happiness while in mama’s arms.

Cadwell, Karin & Cindy Turner-Maffei
CONTINUITY OF CARE IN BREASTFEEDING: Best Practices in the Maternity Setting
Jones & Bartlett, 2008

The focus of this book is on quality and continuity of care featuring management issues, as well as policies and procedures that support patient-centered care.

Cadwell, Karin & Cindy Turner-Maffei
Jones & Bartlett, 2007

This compact reference is organized by topic and complete with charts, tables, illustrations, and references. The authors provide information on a variety of issues commonly encountered by professionals working with lactating and breastfeeding mothers, making it a handy resource in many counseling situations.

Elsohn Ross, Michael
Tricycle Press, 2007

This book is easy to read, with a beautiful poetic rhythm. Children can relate to the pictures of nursing babies and learn tidbits of information about other mammals nursing their young.

Goldberg, Linda
PEA IN A POD: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond
SquareOne Publishers, 2008

A comprehensive guide for parents starting from conception and through a child's first months. Goldberg has compiled an impressive amount of information on a wide variety of pregnancy and childbirth topics. Her authoritative tone and ability to present the information in an appealing way make this book a great guidebook for expecting parents. In addition to the expected information relating to birth options and new baby challenges, the author also includes hundreds of hints and tips for new parents. (Disclaimer: for some mothers, the extensive and detailed information may be overwhelming.)

Gould, Pamela, Eleanor P. Taylor with Dr. Katherine Cason
FEEDING THE KIDS: The Flexible, No-Battles, Healthy Eating System for the Whole Family
Mancala Publishing, 2007

This guide is for parents who want to prepare healthy foods that their children will like! The authors give plans for improving your family's diet by adding healthier foods without giving up family favorites. Appropriate portion sizes, handling picky eaters, and more are also addressed. Includes recipes that will make mealtimes stress free.

Hale, Thomas
Hale Publishing, 2008

This must-have comprehensive reference details the impact of currently used medications on breastfeeding mothers and infants. Written by renowned clinical pharmacologist, Dr. Thomas W. Hale, this thousand plus page book is packed with information on more than 868 drugs, vaccines, vitamins, viral syndromes and other substances. New in this edition are: over 127 new drugs, an appendix covering birth control medications, an appendix covering radiocontrast agents.

Kendall-Tackett, Kathleen
CLINICS IN HUMAN LACTATION: Non-Pharmacologic Treatments for Depression in New Mothers
Hale Publishing, 2008

In this book, the author describes various non-drug treatment modalities being used to treat depression. In most cases, the non-drug treatments are as effective as medications with far fewer side effects. Dr. Kendall-Tackett summarizes current research and provides an evidence base for each treatment modality and how it impacts breastfeeding.

Kippley, Sheila
Sheila Kippley, 5th ed. 2008

This informative book  explores an aspect of breastfeeding often misunderstood and underrated--its contraceptive effect. With factual information based on scientific research and personal experience, the author explains the difference between "ecological" and "cultural" breastfeeding and how each method affects fertility.

Kippley, Sheila
Sheila Kippley, 2008

Mothers average 14 to 15 months without menstruation after childbirth when they breastfeed according to the Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding. The author analyzes the research and focuses on the seven mothering behaviors that define ecological breastfeeding. This form of baby care is the gold standard of going for the green. It is eminently healthy for mother and baby and will save parents many times the small cost of this life-changing book.

Lauwers, Judith
Jones & Bartlett, 2008

This reference guide provides the lactation professionals rapid access to critical information when working with breastfeeding mothers. Each chapter includes: learning objectives, clinical guidelines, and questions to ask the mother.

Leo, Pam
CONNECTION PARENTING: Parenting Through Connection Instead of Coercion, Through Love Instead of Fear
Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, 2007

This book is a concise and insightful guide to parenting. Pam Leo provides the theory to encourage parents to connect with their children, as well as the practical tools to effectively transform common childhood behaviors. She is honest about the challenges facing many parents today, and provides strategies to overcome these challenges without resorting to authoritarian parenting.

McKenna, James
SLEEPING WITH YOUR BABY: A Parent's Guide to Cosleeping
Platypus Media, 2007

Join Dr. James McKenna as he provides the latest information on the benefits of cosleeping and explores the various ways to share sleep safely.

Nice, Frank
Hale Publishing, 2007

This reference will help breastfeeding moms make safe decisions regarding the use of common nonprescription medications. Complete, easy-to-read descriptions of more than 1400 medications and their relative risk to a breastfeeding mother make this a must for all breastfeeding mothers and the health care providers who work with them.

Olson, Cathe
Goco Publishing, 2005

This is a wonderful cookbook geared to vegetarian pregnant and lactating mothers. It contains over 300 whole food recipes to meet the nutritional needs of women who do not consume meat products. Author Cathe Olson includes options to make recipes free of wheat, soy, dairy, and eggs, as well as ideas for quick and freezable meals. In the spirit of LLLI whole foods cookbooks, this is a wonderful resource for vegetarian mothers, and any mother who is looking for nutritious recipes.

Punger, Denise
PERMISSION TO MOTHER: Going Beyond the Standard of Care to Nurture Our Children
Outskirts Press, 2008

Permission to Mother is an account of one doctor's personal journey into motherhood. She seeks the best possible choices including exhilarating birth experiences and breastfeeding beyond current societal norms, and explains how her personal choices affected her professional choices on her quest to find a more baby and woman-centered approach to birth and breastfeeding.

Rubin, Stacey
THE ABCS OF BREASTFEEDING: Everything a Mom Needs to Know for a Happy Nursing Experience   
Amacom Books, 2008

This practical and reader-friendly guide will help every mother feel comfortable and confident about breastfeeding her baby. Read about finding a breastfeeding-friendly health care provider, following baby’s cues to know when he’s hungry, breastfeeding and employment, preventing common breastfeeding problems, and more.

Sears, Martha & William
Little Brown, and Company, 2006

In this book, the Searses offer an eating plan that has been effective for countless people. They define eating habits that can counter or prevent many illnesses and provide tips for all stages, from picky eaters to junk food cravings. Recipes included!

Sears, Robert W.
THE VACCINE BOOK: Making the Right Decision for Your Child
Little, Brown, and Company, 2007

It’s common for parents to ponder the very popular questions, “Should I vaccinate my child? What are the pros? What are the cons?” Considering all the types of vaccinations for your child and when to administer them is a lot to think about. Dr. Robert Sears has crafted a comprehensive guide for parents so this topic isn’t so overwhelming. In this open-minded and informative guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about each disease/vaccine pair. (Note: This book is written for a US audience.)

Simkin, Penny
Harvard Common, 3rd ed., 2008

A complete guide, this book is ideal for all labor companions—from dad to doula to friend—who will be helping and supporting a woman in the last weeks of pregnancy, during labor, and through the early postpartum period. Author Penny Simkin includes thorough information on preparing for labor and knowing when it has begun, epidurals and other medications for labor, non-drug techniques for easing labor pain, cesarean births, and breastfeeding and newborn care. For the birth partner who wishes to be as helpful as possible to the expecting mom, this book is indispensable.

Watson Genna, Catherine
Jones & Bartlett, 2007

A resource for any health care professional working with new mothers and infants, this book provides information and strategies needed to assist normal infant feeding. The author draws on clinical experiences and empirical evidence to help consolidate information in a usable framework for breastfeeding evaluation and support. Includes information for supporting and improving sucking skills in healthy infants and those with anatomical variations, developmental respiratory issues, prematurity, and mild neurological deficits.

West, Diana
CLINICS IN HUMAN LACTATION: Breastfeeding After Breast and Nipple Procedures
Hale Publishing, 2008

For the professional who works with pregnant or breastfeeding mothers who have undergone breast or nipple procedures. Covers a variety of issues from predicting lactation capabilities after breast and nipple procedures, tissue healing, breastfeeding during chemotherapy, supplementation, and effective breastfeeding counseling for mothers who have undergone these procedures.

Wight, Nancy E., Jane Morton & Jae H. Kim
BEST MEDICINE: Human Milk in the NICU
Hale Publishing, 2008

As reflected throughout this book, current research confirms that human milk is important for the preterm infant in regards to host defense, gastrointestinal development, special nutrition, and neurodevelopmental outcome.


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