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Recommended Reading from the Book Evaluation Committee (BEC)

The following titles have been recently evaluated by the BEC and added to the Bibliography as recommended reading in 2009. Check availability in the LLLI Online Store, or click on the titles of the books (if hyperlink is available).

To view the list of books added to the LLL Bibliography in 2008, click here.

Hawk, Breck
Hey! Who's Having this Baby Anyway? How to take charge and create a safe environment for your baby's birth, including essential information about medications and interventions.
Endtable Books, 2005
This book guides pregnant women by providing the information they need for a safe and healthy birth. By giving the latest information it helps pregnant women avoid unnecessary medical interventions so they can make intelligent decisions before and during their labor. Chapters cover various topics such as Medications in Labor and Hiring the Help to Successful Breastfeeding.

Hull, Kimmelin
A Dozen Invisible PIeces and Other Confessions of Motherhood
Cold Tree Press, 2008
Kimmelin Hull's memoir takes the reader through the many changes in her life leading up to her choice to become a stay-at-home mother. Funny, warm, touching, and revealing. A refreshing look at the realities of motherhood through the eyes of a mama.

Nicholson, Barbara, & Lysa Parker
Attached at the Heart 8 Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children
iUniverse, 2009
The founders of Attachment Parenting International have created a completely comprehensive parenting book focusing on the eight principles of attachment parenting. Engaging and easy to read, this book allows parents both familiar and unfamiliar to attachment parenting concepts to learn something new. A great gift for expecting parents.

Olson, Cathe
Simply Natural Baby Food: Easy Receipes for Delicious Meals Your Infant and Toddler Will Love
Goco, 2003
With all the chemicals and preservatives in commercial baby food, how can parents feel good about feeding their baby? In Simply Natural Baby Food, Olson gives parents quick, easy, and inexpensive recipes for infant and toddler meals. Find everything from breakfasts to snacks and everything in between as well as wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free and vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

Repkin, Mark
Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother
Istoria House, LLC, 2009
Jenna is full of questions when her new baby brother comes home with mom. A sweet children's book filled with easy to understand breastfeeding information for young children and bright and colorful illustrations.

Vanderijt, Hetty, & Frans Plooij
The Wonder Weeks: The most important developmental weeks in your baby's first year.
Kiddy World Promotions, B.V, 2008
Drs. Vanderijt and Plooij spent over 35 years observing mother/baby dyads in their homes in order to get a better grasp of the developmental changes infants go through as well as how mothers respond to the changes. All babies go through periods of fussiness and crying as they grow but in this book the doctors provide parents with predictions almost exactly to the week for when these fussy periods will arrive and what parents can do to help their babies. They also are able to point out what abilities baby is developing week-by-week and what parents can do to help the him along. The handy diary sections in each chapter allow parents to note what baby has gone through.

West, Diana, & Lisa Marasco
Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk
McGraw Hill, 2008

This comprehensive book incorporates the latest research and discoveries about causes of low milk supply, the way the body makes milk, and how babies contribute to milk production. Valuable suggestions for both time-honored and innovative ways to make more milk are provided, as well as information on: How to determine if baby is really getting enough milk; supplementing without decreasing supply; maximizing the amount of milk produced; identifying the causes of low milk supply; increasing supply with effective methods including pumping, herbs, medications, foods, and alternative therapies; returning to work; exclusively pumping; relactation, and more.

Wilson-Clay, Barbara, & Kay Hoover
The Breastfeeding Atlas, 4th Edition
Lact News Press, 2008

The fourth edition of The Breastfeeding Atlas contains the practical wisdom gleaned from over the authors' 40 years of combined experience. In their private practices, Barbara Wilson-Clay and Kay Hoover have encountered thousands of babies. Here are their stories told as case studies, illustrated with numerous color photographs. Carefully referenced, this is an invaluable book for students and for health professionals who assist breastfeeding mothers.

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