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Emeritus members of the Professional Advisory Board

Emeritus Status may be granted in perpetuity to any member of the LLLI Professional Advisory Board to honor faithful, long-term service and assistance to La Leche League. Emeritus appointments are made by the LLLI Board and shall be for life unless the Board determines there is serious cause for removal.

Irwin M. Arias, MD

Elizabeth N. Baldwin, JD (posthumously awarded)

Cheston M. Berlin, Jr.,  MD, FAAP

Edward R. Cerutti, MD (posthumously awarded)

Frank W. Countryman, MD

Robert Farber, MD, FRCP

Paul M. Fleiss, MD, MPH, FAAP (posthumously awarded)

John W. Gerrard, DM, FRCP

R. Leroy Goedecke, DO

James Good, MD (deceased)

Robert Jackson, MD

Derrick B. Jelliffe, MD, FAAP, FRCP (posthumously awarded)

Roberta Bishop Johnson, JD (posthumously awarded)

E. Robbins Kimball, MD

Leonardo Mata, DSc

Tatsuo Matsumura, MD

James Clark Moloney, MD (posthumously awarded)

Marianne Neifert, MD, FAAP

Edward R. Newton, MD, FACOG

Michael Newton, MD (posthumously awarded)

Niles Newton, PhD (posthumously awarded)

Michel Odievre, MD

Jairo Osorno, MD

Brian Palmer, DDS (posthumously awarded)

Herbert Ratner, MD (posthumously awarded)

Hugh Riordan, MD (posthumously awarded)

Jan Riordan, EdD, ARNP, FAAN, IBCLC

Carolyn Rawlins, MD

Ruth Schell, MD

Ernest M. Solomon, MD

Muriel Sugarman, MD

Arnold L. Tanis, MD, FAAP, FABM  

Harry Torney, BDS (posthumously awarded)

Pierre Vellay, MD

Gregory J. White, MD (posthumously awarded)

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