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How Can I Care for My Other Child(ren) while Breastfeeding My Infant?

When the new baby arrives, sometimes an older child will feel left out. Make sure to assure the older child he is still loved, with plenty of hugs and kisses. Remind him or her that they were tiny once, and needed to be held and breastfed a lot. Show them photos of when they were small(er).

Arrange a place on the sofa where you can comfortably feed your infant, and the toddler can snuggle close too. Or put a small chair and table near your rocking chair, where the toddler can play, while you are breastfeeding the tiny one. See the WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING for ideas on toys and games to keep your older child occupied, while you are feeding the baby.

Use a baby sling, and you may be able to breastfeed and still get up and around, if need be. When the baby is asleep, give your undivided attention to the other child(ren). Fill up their "love wells" when you have time, and they're less likely to have an urgent need or to get into squabbles together, right when it's time to meet the new baby's needs.

"Mother love increases with each new birth. With each new child comes a resurgence of love for the whole family."--WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING

Recommended Reading: Our resource page on Siblings (childrens' relationships with their siblings, and adding siblings to a family).

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