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Birthday idea

By Eva Stroh, Regional Administrator of Leaders for Europe - LLLiebe Grüße

Eva Stroh

When I first became a La Leche League Leader (LLL Leader) and heard about LLLI conferences I was fascinated and did not imagine that I would take part even once! Now I have gone three times to an international conference and would not miss going to Chicago for the 50th anniversary conference of LLLI!

I was born in the year that LLLI was founded, so I proposed to the people who were coming to my birthday party to give money for my special idea: to send a German Leader to the 50 years of LLL celebration in Chicago who would not ever have imagined going to an LLLI conference. I received about 600€ instead of birthday presents for this idea and held a raffle at our annual German conference for the prize, which includes the registration fee, the airfare and the cost for the hotel during the conference in Chicago. I also received about 250€ from the raffle, so I guess my husband who will add the money for the rest as a special birthday present for me, will have to pay about 650€.

It was interesting to see which Leaders would like to go to the International conference, although some would not like to go because of lack of language abilities or because of being afraid to fly. Some Leaders seemed to be really very interested and I will check later if they are also interested in more international team work.

The scholarship was won by a German LLL Leader from a small western part of Germany. I have known her for many years because I was District Coordinator (DC) of this part of Germany and now she is the DC there. I am very happy that we will share our experience to participate at an international conference together!

By the way: I could not attend my own birthday party with 60 guests because I became sick on that day. But it was okay because I feel as though my birthday party is going on every day, just like the LLLI birthday!

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