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Picnic for Morning Tea

By Adith Stoneman - Kelston LLL Leader

The Kelston group was started in February 2003, which meant that Auckland West now had two meeting groups, one in Massey and one in Kelston.

For the 50th anniversary we had a picnic team. It would have been so nice if we could have gone outside but unfortunately that was not possible because the weather was not “playing ball” so to speak.

We brought picnic blankets from home and we had picnic food for morning tea. It happened to be a very large meeting with many new mums, little babies and plenty of toddlers as well.

Using the word breastfeeding, I had come up with a way of describing to people, how come we even have to talk about breastfeeding and why we don't just all do it. Click here to read the story in a nutshell. My LLL mums were my guinea pigs as I had put this exercise together for use during my antenatal class teaching. The feedback was very positive, although, as always with a LLL meeting it was a little hard for some mums to hear all the information.

As a gift to remember this occasion, all the mums who attended received a card made of very yellow (really needed to be gold) paper with a picture of the seven Founders on it. Inside I had glued the history of LLL in a nutshell.

On that day we also had an envelope go round for mums to make donations to the scholarship fund that we were running in Nes Zealand to send current and retired Leaders to Chicago.

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