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Breastfeeding/Formula History in a nutshell

Breast is best, something mothers have know for ever.

Reason to find an alternative for breastfeeding as indeed 2% of mum and baby dyads are unable to breastfeed and may need alternative food.

Energy was poured into finding an answer, eventually Henry Nestle in 1860 invented a product we know today as Infant Formula also know as Artificial Breastmilk

Aggressive Marketing campaign soon started. Convincing mums that Formula was easier, more convenient, other members of the family could look after babies needs, it saved time, was the modern way of feeding , created status and ofcourse it was just as good as Breastmilk

$$$ good it was indeed for Mr Henry nestle bank account. Formula is a 13 billion dollar annual business in the USA alone

Time passed and the art of Breastfeeding was dwindling, also evidence appeared, research concluded that formula had undesirable affects. More change of ear infections, stomach upset, higher risk of child hood cancers, kidney disease, heart disease, obesity asthma and an increased risk of COT death

Fortunately some Doctors, Midwifes, Healthcare workers and mothers remained strong, passionate supporters of Breastfeeding. In 1956 in Illinois USA a group of 7 mothers founded La Leche League

Efforts were made and efforts are still made today to ensure that mothers are allowed to Breastfeed their babies.

Encouragement, support and correct information is what Breastfeeding mothers need. This was often missing in the passed a lot of myth surrounds Breastfeeding. It is not the mother or her milk that stopped her from breastfeeding, it is indeed the mismanagement of her breastfeeding that caused this. This is still very valid today, I know this to be true as I am on the receiving end of these phone calls daily. Women are often left feeling disempowered.

Demands where starting to be made by mothers, healthcare workers, midwife and GP for protection of Breastfeeding. This was supported by the World Health Organisation and it was in 1981 that a document called The Code was signed by most Western Nations, surprisingly not by the USA. The code stopped

Infant formula company from advertising their products, putting it on special in the sotres, marketing their products, giving samples away for free, giving midwives and doctors incentives to advise their clients to use a certain brand of Formula. It stopped them for glorifying there product, basically it meant that infant formula remained where it always should have remained, for the 2% of mothers and or babies that may need it.

Nutritional value in Breastmilk is recognized once again as the superior food, liquid gold, white milk as it is referred to as well. Mammalian milk is species specific. Human Milk for Human Babies. Breastfeeding is the NATURAL NORM

Gee Wizz we have gone full circle, BREAST IS BEST AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN ALWAYS WILL BE!

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