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La Leche League International
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Group: Appleton

Location Appleton, WI

Appleton, WI 54915 US
Schedule and Information

2nd Friday 10am, *Toddler Focus, All Saints Church, 100 N Drew St, Appleton

3rd Monday 7pm, All Saints Church

Last Tuesday 10am, All Saints Church

Latest news and Park Play Dates can be found on our Facebook Page: La Leche League of Appleton

Kelli Betters: kellibetterslll@gmail.com

Jeni Dansand: 920-931-4442; jeni.mamalove@gmail.com

Jen Davel: jendavel.lll@gmail.com

Catherine Lovett: catherine.lovett@ymail.com

Deb Tendick:  debtendicklll@gmail.com

Maggie Payne:  920-279-0031;  maggiep3rd@aol.com

Melanie Thiel:  920-462-3947

Language English

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