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Promoting Membership: A Perfect Fit

Connie Boord
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 36 No. 2, April-May 2000, p. 31

For almost 45 years, La Leche League has been helping breastfeeding mothers and babies all over the world. How can membership benefit the wide variety of mothers who come to LLL for help?

I like to think that membership in our organization is utilitarian - "one size fits all." La Leche League can help every breastfeeding mother; no matter what her circumstance or need, we provide a "perfect fit."

LLL can help a mother who wants to learn about breastfeeding facts and the normal course of breastfeeding, and a mother with a breastfeeding problem who needs information to help her find a solution. A mother may want a listening ear or practical suggestions; we can offer both.

LLL can help a new mother who needs encouragement and reassurance to nurse her firstborn, and an experienced mother who has breastfed several babies. We provide information and support for mothers who nurse their babies for a week, a month or years.

LLL Series Meetings provide the opportunity for a mother who prefers to quietly listen, observe and assimilate the breastfeeding information she hears. Our meetings also provide for a mother who wants to actively participate and share in the discussions. A mother can come to a meeting just for breastfeeding information or the camaraderie of like- minded women.

A mother may call a Leader to get an answer to a question or she may choose to read a book from the Group library or an issue of NEW BEGINNINGS.

A mother may decide to visit a Series Meeting once or she can attend meetings each month, as well as Enrichment Meetings, Area, Affiliate/Division, and International Conferences. She can become more involved by taking a Group job or applying for leadership.

LLL helps mothers who choose to stay at home and those who return to work, those who nurse infants and those with nursing toddlers, those who live in metropolitan areas and those in rural communities.

LLL membership offers tangible benefits to mothers who want them and philanthropic benefits to those who prefer to be altruistic. A membership helps the mother as well as others.

There are many ways in which membership provides a "perfect fit" for so many breastfeeding mothers around the world. Leaders, please take the time to ask the non-members in your Group to "give us a try."

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