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Invite a Friend Home to the 2001 LLLI Conference!

by Mary Hurt
2001 Conference Team

from LEAVEN, Volume 36, No 2, April-May 2000, p. 33

"Most mothers nurse their babies about three months," I confidently explained at my first La Leche League meeting almost twenty-nine years ago. While I blush to think of my naivete now, the Leaders in the Group, without blinking an eye, gently presented another viewpoint. Eventually, my baby's nursing time would come to be measured in years not months, and the Leaders, as only LLL Leaders can do, mentored me in many ways.

"Would you like to read this book?"

"Did you know a membership includes a subscription to our newsletter?"

In countless ways they accepted me as I was and gently, in words and deeds, showed me another way. However, the most life-changing thing they ever did was to invite me to an LLLI Conference.

Attending an LLLI Conference transformed my view of parenting, leading, and even of myself. Soon I was an LLL Leader.

Over the years as my family grew there were many times that I was considering retiring as a Leader. Then another LLLI Conference would come along and I would be encouraged and revitalized by the enthusiasm surrounding me at the Conference and the realization of the good that LLL and LLL Leaders accomplish the world over. I wonder if I would have become a Leader if I had not attended the Conference? I wonder if I would still be a Leader without LLLI Conferences?

Attending my first LLLI Conference was like coming home - coming home to the world of La Leche League, a world where baby's needs are recognized, a world where the latest information in the fields of breastfeeding, parenting, and health was available, but mostly a world where I felt supported in meeting the needs of my family and LLL group.

It is not often that we can change the life of someone by such a seemingly insignificant act as inviting them to an event. If it hadn't been for a Leader personally telling me that I could attend an LLLI Conference, I doubt that, as a Group member, I would have had the confidence to attend.

Why not invite an LLL mother or Leader Applicant to attend the LLLI Conference? Plan now to invite a friend home - home to the LLLI Conference to be held July 7-9, 2001 at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago, IL, USA. Join us as we celebrate LLLI's 17th International Breastfeeding Conference: A Kaleidoscope of Families, Friends, and Cultures.

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