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Success Story

Sarah Hung
Hong Kong China
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 38 No. 2, April-May 2002, p. 38.

I helped a mother whose baby was not gaining weight. This was the mother’s second child and she was very motivated to breastfeed her son as she had her daughter. Unfortunately, this time the baby didn’t gain weight and at one month was still around his birth weight.

We exchanged telephone calls talking about breastfeeding management and I even went to visit the mother to assess her positioning and latch-on. During this visit we read through the pages about slow weight gain in the Breastfeeding Answer Book. The mother made a list of anything that she thought was relevant to her situation.

She took the list when she visited her doctor, and they discussed these points. It turned out that the mother had a low thyroid function. The doctor told her that often it is difficult to diagnose this complaint because the main symptom is fatigue (not unusual in a mother with a newborn). That list of suggestions about why the baby wasn’t gaining weight had helped to speed up the diagnosis.

I was very happy about this outcome because once this mother started taking medicine for her own problem the baby started to gain weight. The mother was then able to enjoy a breastfeeding relationship with her son just as she had with her daughter.

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