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World Walk Winners are Unstoppable!

Mary Hurt
LLLI Public Relations Associate
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 39 No. 2, April-May 2003, p. 43.

Neither rain, nor wind, nor heat could stop the Walks of La Leche League’s 2002 top money-making Walkers.

The three top Walk winners, who individually brought in the most money of all LLL Walkers in 2002, held Walks in less than ideal weather.

Robin Rziha, whose La Leche League of Great Bend, Kansas, USA Group walked in a Labor Day parade, said the temperature was more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and so windy that her husband was afraid that the canopy he had built to protect the mothers and babies from the September sun would blow away.

Robin raised money for the Walk by sending almost 300 letters to family, friends, and mothers she has helped over the years. She went through her Leader log to get names and addresses and she included a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Robin, the mother of three, said her husband was very supportive and had fun designing the float that they used in the Labor Day parade. Approximately one-half of the Walkers actually rode on the float, which had a banner that read: "La Leche League of Great Bend: Helping Mothers Grow Their Babies the Old Fashioned Way."

Robin intends to use her Walk scholarship to attend the Kansas Area Conference in Wichita, Kansas, USA March 7-8, 2003. Her $500 (US) scholarship was generously donated by Medela, Inc., a company that has championed the cause of breastfeeding for decades and produces breast pumps and breast care products.

Katie Sellers and Sylvia Santaballa, the other top individual participants, walked together with the Wilmington, North Carolina, USA Group. They were delighted that more than 100 Walkers participated on September 14, 2002 despite a tropical storm complete with torrents of rain.
Medela, Inc. also graciously contributed a $500 (US) scholarship to Leader Katie Sellers, who will be using her scholarship to purchase professional lactation books, including the newly revised Breastfeeding Answer Book, and to attend the next Leader Development Seminar in her Region.

Mothering Magazine, a publication that "celebrates the experience of parenthood" and covers contemporary health and personal issues, generously donated a $500 (US) scholarship to Sylvia Santaballa. Sylvia will use the scholarship winnings to help her attend La Leche League International’s Conference in San Francisco, California, USA July 3-6, 2003. Peggy O’Mara, who is editor and publisher of Mothering Magazine, read in 65 countries, will be one of the world-renowned speakers at the Conference. Sylvia Santaballa will be among the new Leaders to be recognized in a special way at the LLLI Conference. She said, "Some way or another I was going to get myself to the LLLI Conference." If she hadn’t won the Walk prize, she intended to do other types of fundraising.

Every Leader has touched the lives of many people. Many of those individuals would be happy to donate to La Leche League—if they are asked! Who have you helped? Have you asked them to help La Leche League?

Editor’s Note: Samples of the letters that Robin sent to over 300 families and friends can be found on LLLI’s Web site at

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