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New Leader Ceremony

Anitra Townsend
Meridan ID USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 40 No. 2, April-May 2004, p. 31.

Idaho Coordinator of Leader Accreditation Anitra Townsend has adapted the “light pot” idea from LAD Lifeline (1997, #1). Though originally planned to further the Education Campaign, the idea is timeless. Consider trying something similar at your next Area, Affiliate, or District gathering. A votive candle in a little terra cotta plant pot with a ribbon works well for the light pot.

1. A single, yellow taper is lit to begin the ceremony: “We begin with a single flame, which represents the Founders of La Leche League and the beginning of their legacy of mother-to-mother support for mothering through breastfeeding. The yellow candle reminds us of the importance of the Leader’s role in helping these new Leaders.”

2. The Leaders who have helped the new Leaders prepare for leadership are called forward: “Please take a yellow candle, symbolizing your role in helping these new Leaders, and light it.”

3. The new Leaders are called forward: “Each new Leader is being given a small token of welcome: a ‘light pot.’ These pots are special because no two are exactly alike. They are unique, just as no two Leaders are the same, though we are connected by our commitment to La Leche League’s mission and philosophy of mothering through breastfeeding.”

4. “The yellow candle inside symbolizes the light of La Leche League’s mother-to-mother support. Leaders help to keep this flame alive by helping Applicants prepare to become new Leaders. Leaders, please light the candles of the new Leaders whom you have assisted.”

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