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It Is Possible

Mariana de Petersen
Guatemala City Guatemala
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 40 No. 2, April-May 2004, p. 34.

When Erika Lange, a Leader Applicant in Mass-achusetts, USA died of cancer, the local LLL Group started a fund in her name for the future education of Leader Applicants. The Group received more in contributions than it needed for support of its own Leader Applicants, so the Group Leaders decided to share the funds with Applicants in their Area as well as Applicants outside of the United States. I received an invitation to write a proposal on how to use this money for Leader Applicants in Latin America. I immediately accepted the challenge and sat down to write. Often, we hope and dream. Not always do we get what we dream for. But this time it happened.

It wasn’t hard work. I just started to dream and ideas began to flow. Knowing the needs of the Leaders and Leader Applicants in the region, writing a wish list was all it took. What if 69 Leader Applicants could have the Leader’s Handbook in their language? What if they could each own a set of pamphlets? Could we pay the new Leader’s fee when someone couldn’t afford it? The list went on.

I also realized that it is not only material things that Leader Applicants need, but human support. Their other valuable resources are the well-oriented Leader Accreditation Department personnel who guide them and supportive Leaders who give their time and share their knowledge and experiences to help Leader Applicants learn what LLL is all about.

As I was dreaming, I knew all this was possible. Each one of us understands the importance of leaving a legacy. We need to help new Leader Applicants who will become committed Leaders, willing to serve the next generation.

The proposal was accepted and everyone is ready to start. I would like to express my gratitude to the Leaders in Newton, Massachusetts, USA, for their trust in us and for allowing us to dream—because dreams are the first step we need to take in making our ideas a reality.

Mariana de Petersen is an active Leader in Guatemala City, Guatemala since 1983, mother of three breastfed children, Regional Administrator of Leader Accreditation for Latin America and recently certified as an IBCLC. LLL of Newton, MA, USA would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to Erika Lange’s family and friends. The donations they made celebrate Erika as a unique individual, and recognize Erika’s love for her son and family. Her devotion was expressed, among other ways, in her commitment to sharing the joys of mothering through breastfeeding with others. Through her family’s request for donations to the Erika Lange Fund for the Education of Group Applicants, Erika’s generous spirit will touch nursing mothers on a far greater level than we ever dreamed possible. From LLL Leaders Wendy Falchuk, Diana Fisher Gomberg, Christine Gross-Loh, Morgan Kennedy Henderson, and Katherine Stavisky.

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