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Putting the Fun Back into Fundraising

Stephanie Weishaar
LLLI Directory of Funding Development
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 41 No. 2, April-May 2005, p. 41.

This year LLLI is launching a new fundraiser that can be enjoyed by Leaders around the world. We are organizing "house parties" to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of our organization, as well as fund raise for our future. Beginning in early 2005, Leaders will be able to log onto and plan to host or attend a house party for the 50th Anniversary Fund.

What Is the 50th Anniversary Fund?

The 50th Anniversary Fund is designed to support the basic programs of La Leche League International as we move into our sixth decade of serving mothers and babies.

Although much of LLL work is done by volunteers, many LLL programs need financial support. LLLI produces publications as simple as tear-off sheets on the benefits of breastfeeding and as complex as a 680-page reference book for health professionals and lay breastfeeding counselors. The LLLI Center for Breastfeeding Information is the world’s largest research collection of breastfeeding studies. LLLI conducts international Conferences, workshops for lactation specialists, and seminars for physicians. The LLLI Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program trains women to support breastfeeding in minority and low-income communities. The 800 Helpline at LLLI provides immediate counseling for mothers in need and refers families to the local LLL Group in their area for ongoing support. The LLLI Web site reaches millions of homes and offices with accurate breastfeeding information and connections to local community support. LLLI works with international agencies such as UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and WHO (World Health Organization) to ensure that breastfeeding stays on the policy agenda.

All of these activities require funding and it is an annual struggle to ensure support for our programs. LLLI has spent too many years working through budget crunches that force reduction in programs that already run on a shoestring. We are a mature organization now and it is time to think about our finances in a different and more responsible way. The goal of the 50th Anniversary Fund is to raise $500,000 (US) by 2007 in order to ensure support for basic LLLI programs and services for many years to come.

None of us wants to wonder if La Leche League will be there to support our daughters and granddaughters as they enter motherhood. We hope you will join in our efforts to sustain LLLI well into the next 50 years!

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