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Business Cards: Small But Impressive

Dor Sachetti
LEAVEN Managing Editor
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 35 No. 2, April-May 1999, p. 43

Our Group, once again, has the not unpleasant task of redesigning our business card. We've given the entire supply away and we've added more Leaders! With an active Group, we've found many uses for the cards.

In our great-grandparents' day the calling card - today we say business card - announced a visitor or left a formal, professional impression. It's still an effective way to let people know who we are.

Our Group puts its business cards to good use in a number of ways:

The portable size means a Leader can always have a supply with her. A half dozen cards can be tucked inside a purse, diaper bag or tote bag. You never know when you will meet someone interested in breastfeeding or LLL.

The cost can be less than a Group brochure. When you weigh the impression a small well-designed card will make against the cost of a more text-intensive brochure, the cards may actually be cheaper. Consider the cost of displaying and distributing the cards vs. brochures as well. Decide carefully what essential information should appear on the card. Our Group lists Leaders' names and phone numbers as well as "Breastfeeding information and 24-hour phone help. Support group meets (day, time)."

The small size means the cards will fit in a variety of places. A health care provider whose waiting room is already filled with pamphlets may welcome a compact stack of cards. Plastic holders for the cards are usually neater looking and less expensive than brochure holders. When supplies need replenishing, you can mail more cards than brochures for the same amount of postage.

An embossed, professionally printed card looks sharp. Parents will know right away that LLL is a professional organization. Most health care providers have cards themselves. Many professionals keep files of business cards for easy reference. Why not keep LLL at their finger tips?

A Group card is the perfect way to top off a mailing. Clip one to pamphlets and brochures you mail out. If the card lists all the Leaders' names you can circle your name or sign next to it. One Leader or many, you've made a good impression.

A business card makes a handy bookmark. We slip one inside every copy of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING on the sale table at meetings.

The cards are convenient for display tables with or without other LLL information. When there's so much material to pick up at health fairs and similar events, a business card may be the most inviting thing to pick up and carry off. Over time, the card may be the only piece of information that is filed and saved.

Make no mistake about it: we use a Group brochure and meeting notices, too. But we sure get our money's worth out of our business cards!

A camera-ready business card format is available from LLLI (No. 449, $1.25). It includes the LLLI logo, the words La Leche League and the address and phone number of the LLLI office. A Leader can add her own name, address and phone number before having the cards printed.

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