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Introducing LLL International Division Newsletters

Rachel O'Leary,
International Division Publications Administrator
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 36 No. 4, August-September 2000, p. 77

When a Leader is accredited in or moves to a country where LLL is new, she needs to tell mothers about breastfeeding, Group meetings, and LLL philosophy. So the first publications will probably be simple information leaflets. Translations of Leader Accreditation Department materials are also a priority at this early stage. It is not until there is a group of Leaders in different parts of the country that a Leader's Letter is needed.

When there are enough Leaders to form an Area and the Leaders are well supported, it is possible to start a newsletter for breastfeeding mothers. The breastfeeding mothers newsletters in languages other than English often contain some translations from NEW BEGINNINGS, but most of their stories and articles are written by local LLL members and Leaders. They contain news about breastfeeding events as well as mothers' stories and informative articles.

In Areas where LLL is developing, the Leader who edits the Area Leader's Letter (ALL) or breastfeeding mothers' newsletter may well have another LLL position, such as CLA (Coordinator of Leader Accreditation) or DC (District Coordinator). She may be a lone Leader in her Group. Leaders are amazing people!

Future Areas in Asia has a brand new ALL, "ALL around Asia", which is printed in English. The article that follows, "Common Ground" by Sarah Hung, ACL, was reprinted from the second issue of that newsletter.

Some Areas where LLL is well developed find they can also produce a newsletter for health care professionals. At present the four Areas undertaking this responsibility are:

  • France - Les Dossiers de Allaitement (Breastfeeding Files-in French)
  • Italy - (Modern Breastfeeding-in Italian) L'Affatamento Moderno
  • The Netherlands - (Breastfeeding Bulletin in Dutch) Bulletin Borstvoeding
  • Israel - (Breastfeeding information-in Hebrew) Meyda Hanaka
These contain articles written by local health care professionals and Leaders, as well as reports of research articles published in English and other languages.

Many Areas and Affiliates also publish pamphlets; you can find out more about these in a forthcoming article.

Common Ground

Sarah Hung
Hong Kong, China

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you are committed to La Leche League and helping other mothers? Maybe you've been thinking about what you could do with all the free time if you were to quit? After nearly 13 years of involvement as a member, a helping mother, a Leader Applicant, a Leader, and now as an Area Coordinator of Leaders, I find it hard to imagine not being involved with La Leche League in some way.

When I was a teenager I attended a political meeting with my mother. On the way home we discussed whether or not we wished to join this new party. During the conversation my mother told me the criterion that she used for deciding whether or not to belong to an organisation. If she believed 70 percent with the views she would join because she felt that if she waited to join a group that she believed 100 percent in she'd be waiting all her life.

When my daughter Emily was a baby and I first joined La Leche League, I didn't worry about whether I believed in the philosophy 70 percent or 100 percent. I joined because I wanted the comradeship of other breastfeeding mothers in a society where the initial breastfeeding rate was as low as five percent.

Slowly as I became more involved and had the desire to help other mothers as I'd been helped myself, I learned about the philosophy. How lucky I am to be part of an organisation that I believe in, not just 70 percent but the full 100 percent! Indeed, as I continue being involved, I discover that the more I learn and live the philosophy, the more I agree with it.

La Leche League philosophy represents a common ground for all of us. In becoming LLL Leaders, we have stated that this philosophy feels right to us. We agree with it and live it in our daily lives. This brings together women from many different socioeconomic groups, women from different races, of different ages, with different religious beliefs. In this coming together there are often lasting friendships and bonds that will last the rest of our lives.

Surprise is often the reaction I receive from new acquaintances when they learn that, although my youngest child weaned long ago, I am still involved with breastfeeding. One of the reasons I'm still involved is because of all the wonderful, warm-hearted, and understanding women I have met through La Leche League International. They are women who also wish to help and are willing to give of themselves to other mothers. I know that I have gained more from my involvement than I have given and I believe that the more we give, the more we gain.

No matter how varied our backgrounds are, we are still bound together by our beliefs in the basic concepts and our desire to help other mothers breastfeed their babies. The concepts provide us with a kinship, a place of strength, abundant with shared support and rich with lasting friendships - a common ground.

Sarah Hung, born and raised in Northern England, met her husband, Hung Wing Tat, at University. Married nearly 15 years ago, Sarah left her home country with her husband, to start a new life in Hong Kong. They have three and a half wonderful, if somewhat spirited children, Emily Siu-see (13), Jacob Sui-fan (10), Mathhew Abraham Siu-biu (7) and a new baby is due in the fall of 2000. Sarah was accredited in 1995 at the 14th International Conference in Chicago and has been leading meetings in Hong Kong ever since. Sarah became ACL for Future Areas in Asia in July, 1999. Lifted from ALL around Asia Vol 1, No 2.

Newsletters for Leaders

  • Austria - Beraterinnen Rundbrief
  • Canada - Canadian Collage
  • Germany (English) - WeLLLspring
  • Deutschland (German) - Beraterinnenbrief
  • Future Areas in Asia (English) - ALL around Asia
  • Future Areas in Europe (English) - Future Lives
  • France (French) - La LLLettre
  • Great Britain (English)- Feedback
  • Ireland (English) - The Irish Leader
  • Israel (English and Hebrew) - IsraeLL
  • Italy (Italian)- Latte e Miele
  • Japan (English and Japanese) - Nakama
  • Future Areas of Africa and the Middle East (English) - ALL in the Family
  • Ligue La Leche (French Canada) - La Berceuse
  • Mexico (Spanish) - Déjame que te cuente LLLigueña
  • The Netherlands (Dutch) - KringLLLoop Circle
  • South Africa (English) - SunLLLight
  • Switzerland (German, French and Italian) - Beraterinnenbrief / Lettre / aux Animatrices / Lettera alli Consulenti
  • New Zealand (English) - Mosaic

Breastfeeding Mothers' Newsletters

  • Nuevo Comienzo in Spanish, Colombia and read by Spanish-speaking mothers and Leaders in Latin America and Spain, and also available from LLLI in the USA
  • Informacion trimestral in Spanish, Spain (Catalonia, Madrid, and Andalucia)
  • Allaiter Aujourd'hui in French, France
  • Borstvoeding Vandaag in Dutch, the Netherlands
  • Da Mamma a Mamma in Italian, Italy
  • Infobrief in German, Austria
  • LLL Lapja in Hungarian, Hungary
  • LLLGB News in English, Great Britain
  • LLLiaison in French, Belgium
  • La Voie Lactee in French, French Canada
  • Aroha in English, New Zealand
  • buLLLetin in German from Switzerland, also read in Germany and Austria
  • Bollletim Informativo LLL of Maceio, Brazil, in Portuguese
  • Close to the Heart in English, Future Areas in Asia
  • Mothers' Newsletter Taiwan

Translators Wanted!

Are you bilingual? Would you like to help make it possible for articles to appear in LEAVEN that first need to be translated into English? If so, please contact Carole Wrede, Managing Editor of LEAVEN.

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