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Sign-Up New Members

Jean Nunnally
Bellaire, Texas, USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 36 No. 4, August-September 2000, p. 80

Looking for an easy way to encourage membership in your Group? Something that does not cost too much or take too much time?

Try making a new sign-in sheet with all your Groups existing members' names already listed alphabetically. The last column heading on our sign-in sheet is, "Will you be paying membership?" All the members listed show "paid" in that column, so a newcomer filling in the blank line below the members sees that many of those listed above her are paid members. It conveys the silent message that paying membership is the norm in your Group, letting peer pressure work for you. At the end of the meeting when you remind mothers that they can purchase a membership, they might be more likely to do so.

The new sign-up sheet also gives the members the advantage of only having to check themselves present each month rather than write in their entire name and address, which is especially helpful for mothers who have their hands full. Members only need to circle their name. (Editors note: The members' address, phone number and children's names/ages can also be typed on the form so that members only make necessary corrections to their listing and circle their children's names, if they are attending the meeting.)

Our Group started using a filled-in sign-up sheet at the suggestion of a mother who was regularly attending our meetings and wanted a more convenient form. Since then, we have noticed that our membership numbers have increased as a result. The first year we started the new sign-in sheet, we added 23 new members compared with nine new members in the previous 12 months. Of course, there might have been several reasons for the increase in new members, but we think the easy-to-use sign-up sheet was an important help.

We created our sign-in sheet as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but a word processor could be used. If your Group membership stays constant, a roster could be typed up and copied to use as a sign-up sheet. I update and reprint my roster each month to add new members and delete names of people whose membership has expired. Updating keeps it current and alphabetized. If you have email access, are able to accept and open a Microsoft Excel file, and would like a blank copy of our Group's Excel spreadsheet, email: Jean Nunnally at STNunnally at and I'll attach a copy in an email.

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