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Promoting Membership at Series Meetings

Sue Goettl
Apple Valley MN USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 38 No. 4, August-September 2002 p. 92.

After years of trying different ways of handling name tags at our Series Meetings, we’ve finally hit upon an idea that keeps things neat and at the same time recognizes our Group’s dues-paying members.

As is usual in most Groups, a new attendee is greeted with a smile and invited to make herself an adhesive name tag. We hope that, at some point in the future, she will return and purchase a membership. Soon after that purchase, usually at the start of the next meeting during introductory remarks, this woman is recognized and thanked for supporting LLL and presented with a permanent name tag. One of the Leaders in our Group makes these on her computer. The tag is white with blue trim and lettering, includes an official LLL logo, and is laminated before it is slipped into a plastic clip-style tag (available at office supply stores). Laminating is important because it prevents the ink from running when baby chews on it!

We use a trifold science display board (also available at office supply stores) to store the permanent name tags between meetings and make them easily accessible. The board is decorated with photos from past LLL calendars and with colorful stickers, along with computer-generated signs that say, "Apple Valley La Leche League" and "Thanks for your support." You can be as creative as you want with the graphics. Strips of one-inch wide, bright, colored ribbon hang down from the top of the display board, and the name tags are clipped to these after the meetings. (We use grosgrain ribbon because it’s sturdy.) If there is a seamstress in the Group, a handy carrying bag with handles can be quickly constructed with just over a yard of fabric; the display board easily folds up and stores inside. Velcro strips hold the bag shut. It can be carried to the next location and opened up so members can find their permanent nametag to wear at the meeting.

In addition to being an attractive visual, our name tag board highlights and encourages membership in the Apple Valley Group. This has worked so well for our evening Group, we are in the process of putting another display board together for our morning Group. Perhaps this idea will work for your Group as well.

Sue Goettl has been a Leader in Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA for 14 years. She and her husband, Scott, are raising five children, ranging in age from nine to 20 years old. Her hobbies include LLL Group work, gardening, music and knitting. "Promoting Membership" is edited by Connie Boord. Share your Group’s ideas for membership promotion: 4417-78th Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55443-3405 USA or cboord at (email).

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