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Breastfeeding Resource Marketplace

Esmé Nel
Wolseley South Africa
Lisa Serebrin
Houston TX USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 39 No. 4, August-September 2003, p. 84.

The Breastfeeding Resource Marketplace is a new funding development tool for LLL initiated by members of the LLLI Renewal Initiative Drafting Team and Review Network. It is a new and creative way to fund projects and activities that further the LLLI Mission and encourage sharing LLL philosophy—practical ways to circulate our philosophy. It will provide an organized Internet-based framework for donors and project crafters (entrepreneurs) to connect with each other.

We hope to attract donors who do not currently donate to LLLI. Funding individual projects from around the world is often more attractive to donors than an annual appeal. Project crafters will need to commit themselves to providing ongoing updates on the progress of funded projects.

A restricted donation of $50,000 has already been received by LLLI for this project. A project management circle (the Resource Marketplace Planning Group) has been formed and is working in accordance with the draft purpose and principles of the Renewal Initiative. A sub-group is currently working on marketing plans including a presence at the 2003 Physicians’ Seminar, International Mastery Symposium, and LLLI Conference in San Francisco, California, USA.

After providing for the marketplace itself, we expect to have $20,000 to $30,000 (US) to distribute among approved projects. To get the resource marketplace off to a realistic start, we propose to distribute this money to 20 to 30 individuals in our community to act as seed investors. These seed investors will explore the marketplace and invest their portion of the funds in various projects as if they were making personal donations.

We expect to interact closely with the LLLI office in Schaumburg, both to ensure appropriate accounting for funds and to encourage interaction for mutual benefit with the LLLI Funding Development Department.

Applications for funding may be submitted using a business plan form, which will be available on the upcoming Breastfeeding Resource Marketplace Web site.

If you are interested in working with this group, or have questions or comments about our work, please contact the Resource Marketplace Planning Group listowner at

What kind of projects might be funded by the Breastfeeding Resource Marketplace? There are many possibilities! Imagine these scenarios:

  • Lucy Leader desires to make a difference in her community by helping teen mothers to breastfeed their babies and showing them how mothering through breastfeeding can make a real difference in their lives. She envisions an ongoing, readily available service with a stable physical location. Lucy’s business plan and budget include rented space, publicity, involvement of health providers, transportation, and printed materials. She projects $1000 expenses in the first year and Lucy has applied for local funding for the second year.
  • Laura Leader believes that another LLL 800 line will increase initiation and duration of breastfeeding in the US. Laura learns the cost of one hour of an 800 line is $50. She envisions a two-year project linked to other initiatives associated with increased breastfeeding rates and the forthcoming United States Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign. The total sum Laura requires is $10,000.
  • Linda Leader lives in a developing nation where the access to technology is expensive and limited and the cost of shipping books and printed material into the country is prohibitive. Linda believes having access to the Internet would offer her breastfeeding information and contact with other Leaders that she needs to help mothers and babies in the community. A computer and printer would allow her to print leaflets and make posters to reach more mothers and possibly find and work with Leader Applicants. Linda estimates she would need $950.

Lisa Serebrin has been an LLL Leader for eight years in Houston, Texas, USA, and Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. She was a member of the Drafting Team for the Renewal Initiative and is active on the Breastfeeding Resource Marketplace planning committee. Married and the mother of three sons, Lisa and her husband have recently moved home to Houston from Arizona, USA. Esmé Nel has been a lone LLL Leader for 16 years. She is currently Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (CLA) for South Africa and member of the Breastfeeding Resource Marketplace Planning Team. Esmé is also the editor of ACCORD, the Newsletter of the International Division of LLLI. She shares "I am a stay-at-home mom of four breastfed children." Nan Vollette is the Contributing Editor for the "Helping Mothers" column.

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