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Short Stories from around the world:
Have you heard about LLL?

Mary Bird
Dublin, Ireland
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 36 No. 6, December 2000-January 2001, p. 116

Mary Kavanagh is a former Public Relations Officer for LLL of Ireland and is presently AACL. She has been a Leader for over 25 years. Long before the advent of PR consultants, Mary believed that each LLL Leader could help create "brand awareness" for La Leche League. She set herself the goal of bringing the words "La Leche League" into every conversation with someone she meets. Mary recently had prepared all sorts of manuscripts, handouts, and information sheets for a big LLL meeting and loaded them into her car. On her way to work that morning, her car broke down. When a friendly woman picked her up and inquired with concern about getting her car fixed, Mary replied "Oh, that certainly is no problem. What I am really worried about is all those La Leche League papers I have in my car! Now, have you heard about La Leche League?"

For more than a quarter of a century Mary has introduced thousands of unsuspecting Irish people to La Leche League. Even political candidates canvassing for election are not safe from this wonderful LLL Leader!

Mary Bird, Dublin, Ireland, has been an LLL Leader for 24 years and is the mother of three breastfed children. Mary is a member of the European Council for LLL and a Board member of the Irish National Committee for UNICEF.

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