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Membership Matters
December 1998-January 1999

Joan Blick, LLLI Funding Development Department
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 34 No. 6, December 1998 - January 1999, p. 127

As promised, exciting new materials inviting mothers to become LLL members have been developed for Group use. (See LEAVEN, August/September 1998, page 83.) A sample packet of these materials was sent to each Listed Leader in the USA in mid-October. These basic materials will be adapted and sent to Listed Leaders in the International Division before the end of the year.

The Membership Matters materials mark the beginning of a concerted effort to support LLL Groups and make it easier to sign up members. The LLLI Board of Directors has established a goal of increasing LLL membership by 600 this fiscal year (1998-1999). We know we can do it if we all work together. Not only will LLL as a whole benefit by an increased number of members, but mothers and babies will benefit from their continued association with La Leche League.

Leaders simply return membership application forms to LLLI. We keep the records for you. You do not have to fill out an extra card to send in.

In case you have not yet seen the packet, it includes:

Membership Matters (No. 459a )-a new membership form for you to distribute at Series Meetings. We have sent each Group ten copies. You may reproduce them if you need more or you can request an additional set of ten copies when you place your next LLLI order.

Member-Get-A-Member (No. 459b)-flyers for Group members so they can invite friends and acquaintances to become LLL members. Each time a member introduces someone to LLL and she fills out an application form, the original member is entitled to receive a certificate for $5 off her next LLLI Catalogue order. You may copy the flyer or request an additional set of ten with your next LLLI order.

Discount Certificates -coupons for Leaders to complete, sign and give to a member whenever she gets a new member to join.

Friends of Breastfeeding - flyer explaining the benefits of this category of membership to community businesses, friends and family as well as the financial support it brings to your Group.

LLL Membership Poster/Flyer (No. 459P)- this can be posted anywhere new or prospective mothers might see it such as clinics, obstetricians' or pediatricians' offices, supermarkets, church or community bulletin boards, day care centers, schools and other relevant places. Additional copies of the poster can be ordered from LLLI at .60 each; 5/$2; 10/$3.50 (US).

We hope that Groups will add additional incentives to increase the potential of the "Member-Get-a-Member" effort. Some ideas include giving a small gift, such as a scented candle, bookmark, notecards or LLL pamphlet. An LLLI Pocket Calendar is also a nice incentive, especially for memberships brought in early in 1999. Inexpensive when ordered in bulk, they also make nice end-of-the-year gifts for Group Workers. You can present the Group gift along with the discount certificate at your Series Meetings, showing appreciation to those members who have brought in new members. Another idea would be to list the names in your Group Newsletter or meeting announcement flyer.

If your Group normally places orders for your members who want books or products from the LLLI Catalogue, you can forward the $5 discount certificate with your Group order. Be sure it has been filled out with the member's name, Leader signature and date.

If two- or three-year memberships are sold the money is divided as follows:

Member Group Area Division LLLI
1 Year $30.00 $7.50 $3.25 $2.25 $17.00
2 Year $55.00 $13.75 $6.00 $4.25 $31.00
3 Year $80.00 $20.00 $8.75 $6.25 $45.00

[Note: Membership prices have changed. Learn more about membership here.]

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