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How to Live a Charmed Life

Presented by Victoria Moran
Reported by Diane Bengson
Clearview, Ohio USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 35 No. 6, December 1999-January 2000, p. 133

With a sparkling, animated style, Victoria Moran walked up and down the center aisle assuring us that as LLL members and Leaders we were already living a charmed life. When her daughter was young, Moran was an LLL member, and she believes some of the seeds for a charmed life were planted by her early involvement with LLL. There she learned some of her 75 secrets for a charmed life, including, "Follow Your Heart," "Live Your Life In Chapters," and "Complicate Selectively." Moran describes a charmed life as a handpicked life, as the kind of life that makes your heart sing because it is the fulfillment of your personal dreams. She said that our dreams are not beyond us, because each of us has dreams based on our personal wants and talents. We are propelled to fulfill our dreams when we follow our hearts.

She shared with us some of the secrets in her book, Creating a Charmed Life, Sensible, Spiritual Secrets Every Busy Woman Should Know. Using her life experiences and stories, she related her philosophy for creating a meaningful life. Secret #38 is "Decide That You're Beautiful." Moran suggested we believe that we are beautiful and deserve beautiful things. She reminded us to look less with our eyes and instead remind ourselves we are beautiful. Soon, we'll find ourselves taking better care of ourselves because we believe we're worth it. Also, we'll put out a different energy, and people will pick up on it and respond to us as if we're beautiful.

Next, Moran talked about how to "Invite Adventure." She talked about taking risks, small and big. She likes to shop in parts of town that are considered dangerous by many, to eat in ethnic restaurants, to drive different ways around town. Her big adventures include traveling around the world with her daughter, home birth, and home- schooling.

Finally, Moran said we can make our lives "Razzle-Dazzle on Occasion." She said we razzle-dazzle when we let our natural talents shine, whether it's masterfully handling a sticky situation with our children or singing beautifully. If we are ready to jump when a great opportunity expresses itself, we are living with razzle-dazzle. We also razzle-dazzle when we break free from what holds us back, or choose quality over excess. "Razzle-dazzle ” is often found in the little things, too, like a homemade dinner with good company. Most of all, she said we “razzle-dazzle ” when we are ourselves. Moran told funny stories as well as stories that reminded us that good things in life are sometimes hard won. As a girl, she felt awkward and unattractive, and suffered many years with an eating disorder. When her daughter was young, Moran's husband died and she was forced to find a way to support her daughter and herself after being a dedicated mother at home.

Her struggles led to her freelance writing career, world travel, raising her daughter as a single mother, and eventually to her second marriage and stepchildren. She is the author of Shelter for the Spirit and Love Yourself Thin. What is the secret of a charmed life? Put yourself in position to make your dreams come true!

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