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Say Goodbye to Those Sloppy Index Cards

Kathy Drury
Nashua NH USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 39 No. 6, December 2003 - January 2004, p. 132.

Over the years, I've collected many meeting ideas that involve writing sentences, questions, or facts on index cards. These cards are passed around to the mothers to stimulate discussion. And they work-if you can read what they say. Unfortunately, my handwriting tends to be, well...challenging to read. I've found ways, however, to make these cards so that even a woman with a baby and toddler competing for her attention can decipher the words.

The first way is the simplest. Simply photocopy the sentences from whatever meeting idea source you're using, cut them apart, and glue them onto index cards (respecting copyrights). Most copiers can enlarge the print if it is too small to read easily.

The second way requires a computer. Just type the words in your choice of fonts and sizes. This way, you can customize the cards by adding your own sentences and facts or changing the wording if it seems outdated. After printing, you can cut the sentences out and glue them onto cards as above.

The third option requires the most work, but it also provides the greatest opportunities for creativity. You can set up your computer document so each page is divided into four 4" x 5" sections. Use each section to create one card (complete with graphics, if you're feeling wild and crazy). After printing them, take them to your nearest copier center and have them copied onto cardstock. After cutting the page into quarters, you'll have professional-looking cards. If you have access to copyright-free clip art, you may want to paste some pictures onto the computer-generated sheet before printing onto cardstock. If you do this, try copying the pasted-up sheet onto paper, and having that paper copied onto cardstock.

That way, if there are lines around the cut-outs, you can white them out before you copy onto cardstock.
For any of these methods, you can finish the cards by covering them with clear contact paper or having them laminated at a copier store.

That way, you can use them again next year or even trade them with another Leader.

Finally, remember to label the cards with the meeting number and keep them bundled together with rubber bands or filed in a recipe box.

Having a few sets of these "instant meetings" can make life easier when you're busy.

Kathy Drury lives in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, with her husband, Bob, and children Abby (15) and Chris (13). Her handwriting is still challenging, and she's collected quite a few "instant" meetings.

This article originally appeared in Northeast Corner Classics, the Area Leader's Letter of New Hampshire/ Maine USA. "Say Goodbye to Those Sloppy Index Cards" was in the Winter 1998 issue (originally titled "So Long, Sloppy Cards; Hello, Instant Meetings!").

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