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Meeting Idea for Old-Timers (and New)

Kathryn Holly
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 39 No. 6, December 2003 - January 2004, p. 132.

Here's an idea I tried for my first meeting of the year. Since I hadn't had many calls the month before, I was pretty sure we wouldn't have any newcomers. I really needed to do something different; most of the mothers I expected had been coming for years. I couldn't let them down! On TLC (The Leader Connection; see page 133) I read about an idea for Meeting I. The suggestion was to discuss the benefits of breastfeeding versus the benefits of human milk. This appealed to me since I have known of several mothers who chose to bottle feed their babies expressed milk. I asked the group, "Which do you think has more benefits, breastfeeding or human milk?" Most thought breastfeeding; a few, human milk. I invited them to name benefits, and wrote each down under its appropriate heading after we discussed whether the particular benefit should be under "breastfeeding," "human milk," or both.

Of course, we couldn't measure this qualitatively, so there was no "right" answer. Quantitatively, the list under "breastfeeding" was soon double that of the one under "human milk." Now that science has shown us just how important human milk is, I hope that someday soon society realizes the importance of breastfeeding.

Kathryn Holly lives in York, Maine, USA with her husband, Jim, and their five children: Lauren, 14; Jack, 12; Charles, 9; Elise, 5; and James, 1. She was accredited in 1992 and has enjoyed working in the LAD since 1993. She is currently Regional Administrator of Leader Accreditation for the Northeast US.

This article originally appeared in the Spring 1997 issue of Northeast Corner Classics, the Area Leader's Letter of New Hampshire/ Maine USA.

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