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Arigato (Thank You) from Sami and LLL Japan

Naomi Kuwahara
Osaka Japan
translated by Toshi Jolliffe
Heisdorf Luxembourg
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 41 No. 6, December 2005-January 2006, p. 133.

Some of you may have heard the story of Sami Tsuchida, a Japanese Leader who was involved in a tragic train accident in Japan in April 2005. Sami was found in the wreckage of the second carriage where there were the most casualties. She was very lucky to be alive. After a couple of operations for head injuries and compound fractures of her right arm, she made an amazing recovery. The doctor told her that it was not long before she could go home.

Sami, her family, as well as LLL Japan would like to express their deepest gratitude for all the support and encouragement that they received from LLL Leaders from all over the world. Within a matter of days after the accident, they heard from so many Leaders with their thoughts and caring words. Each message meant so much.

Several Japanese Leaders who attended the 2005 LLLI Conference were very touched when many Leaders approached them to ask, "How’s Sami doing?"

Although Sami's accident was very unfortunate, it led us to learn something very important: LLL Leaders form a big international family, and Leaders care for each other.

Recently Sami was interviewed by a television program as a survivor of the accident. Since Sami is a teacher of Japanese calligraphy, the commentator asked her what she wished to write when she was able to hold the brush again. She briefly answered "I'm going to write the Japanese character for 'Life.'"

Sami is hoping to attend the 2007 LLLI conference in Chicago.

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