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Walk Your Way to the Conference

by Mary Hurt
2001 Conference Team and PR Associate

from LEAVEN, Volume 36, No 1, February-March 2000, p. 13

Have you thought about walking to the La Leche League International Conference? Unless you live in Chicago, Illinois, USA, you probably won't lace up your walking shoes and literally walk to the Conference, but you have plenty of time to plan to "walk for breastfeeding" sometime between June and September 2000.

The number one reason some Leaders say they do not attend the La Leche League International Conference is the cost. With the Conference still many months away, there is still time for fundraising. Bake sales and garage sales can be lots of fun, but if you want to save time and raise money for the Conference, there's no better way than joining the world of breastfeeding in the annual LLLI World Walk for Breastfeeding. Many Groups make an all out effort to get sponsors for every Walker and some hold another fundraising event, such as a book sale, baby fair, or toy sale, in conjunction with the Walk. Forty percent of the Walk proceeds stay with your Group, and what better way to serve your Group than by using some or all of the proceeds to send you to the LLLI Conference.

The LLLI Breastfeeding Walk in 1999 had more Groups registered than ever before! We greatly appreciate the efforts of Leaders and others around the world and all who participated. Deadlines for prizes were moved to a later date this year, so prize winners will be announced in the next edition of Leaven.

The best prize of all is the good you do for breastfeeding by publicizing its benefits through the Walk. While you're at it, why not nurture the nurturer and make it one of your financial goals to raise enough money to send yourself to the Conference? In this way, you will indeed walk all the way to the Conference and carry back enthusiasm, information and support to your family and Group.

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