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Series Meeting Ad How-Tos

Brenda Glover
Breastfeeding-Aid Sales Program Administrator
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 36 No. 1, February-March 2000, p. 16

There are many ways to advertise your Group and its meetings. An ad insertion is a unique form of advertising because it is not costly; it piggybacks along with other advertising. A meeting ad can be attached to a news release or other information. An Area can develop an advertisement that can be used by individual Groups. After the initial ad is set up, a Group can drop in the local particulars.

Sometimes ad space needs to be filled and space will be donated. Examples include yearbooks, theatre programs and church programs. Sometimes businesses will donate a specific amount of money for your ad if a line is added saying, "Funding by the XYZ Company provided this ad." Sometimes different types of media have grants for advertising, particularly local television.

Let someone else pay for your ad production. Perhaps your local high school art, English or business education class would take it on as a class or individual project. Contact a local junior college or a university advertising or public relations class. Contact area ad agencies or ad federations. Sometimes a vocational education print shop needs work. Sometimes media representatives want to change the focus or increase the variety of their advertising. Sometimes local businesses have their own ad departments and would be willing to do some freelance work.

Always take time to evaluate the final product to make sure it effectively communicates the message you want to convey. Keep it simple. Never use something with which you are uncomfortable.

Include only the most relevant facts in the advertisement: name of the organization, location, a telephone number if it is safe to do so, your target audience, meeting time and day of the week, whether snacks are provided. If the telephone number of the meeting site cannot be listed, a local hotline number could be listed. An ad for your meeting could be developed into a flyer for distribution throughout the year.

An effective Leader knows how to market the Group and its programs and services to pregnant and new mothers in the area.

Ed. Note: THE LEADER'S HANDBOOK, 1998 edition, has ready-to-use sample news releases and radio announcements on pages 287-89. Check with your District Advisor/Coordinator during development of original ads.

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