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Promoting Membership: 100 Percent Membership! How?

Dawn-Marie Bernard
Westbrook, Maine, USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 37 No. 1, February-March 2001, p. 14.

La Leche League of Greater Portland, Maine has seen a growth in memberships in recent months. Last year we averaged about one new member a month or 12-13 new members in a year, with a usual attendance at meetings of about 15 mothers. This year, we already have 18 new members! During our morning and evening meetings the average attendance is 20. At each meeting, approximately five of the women are attending a meeting for the first time and only a few of the regular attendees have not paid a membership.

My New Year's resolution was to have 100 percent membership of attendees this year. When I first announces this goal, even I had to admit it might be too high to attain. A few people chuckled, but I got very strong encouragement and support from my co-Leaders. With the rate of membership increasing, we are well on our way!

"How did we do it?" We assembled a membership packet, which is mailed to all non-members who attend meetings. I composed a letter and flyer which we mail with Membership Matters (No. 416-20) and a self-addressed envelope. There is a place to check off if there is an interest in membership, and I usually follow through with a phone call a few days after the meeting.

During our Series Meetings, I make an impassioned speech about how wonderful LLL is and how membership "ensures that LLL will be here for generations to come." I also have the expectation that mothers will join, and I don't apologize for asking. We have also devised a "payment plan" kept confidential by our Group treasurer. I remind mothers that they give to other worthwhile causes and encourage them to become members of our wonderful organization. So, 100 percent membership here we come!

Author's update: As of January 2000, the Greater Portland Group had 38 new members for the 1999 year. The membership rate was approximately 90-95 percent. It was a very successful campaign. It was also the only New Year's resolution I ever kept!

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