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Living in the Moment

Carole Wrede
Managing Editor
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 42 No. 1, February-March 2006, p. 18.

Welcome to a new year and six new issues of LEAVEN! Many cultures mark the New Year by contemplating years past, and making promises for the coming year. We look at what is most precious to us, examine ourselves, and make plans to enrich our lives. Our first grandson, Gage, turned four in December, and little Connor is racing towards two. If I had one "magic" resolution that I could make for 2006, I would slow time down...stretching it so more could be fit into each day. I can't slow time, nor stretch it. Like you, I only have today, this hour, this moment. In 2006, I may sometimes be over-committed, stressed, and tired. But, in spite or maybe because of that, I promise I will live in the moment, remembering to savor the snapshot moments. I will allow myself to park by the river and watch the bald eagles soar, rather than speed past on my way to work. When Amy calls me at work to share a Gage or Connor moment, I will still my mind and be with her, if just for three minutes. And I will remember to be kind to myself.

Many times my New Year's resolutions have included weight loss, and I'm not alone. But I really never considered the question, "Could Body Image Be a Barrier to Breastfeeding?" Michelle Roth asks this question, and through a well-researched review of the literature, offers interesting conclusions. This issue's feature article is Michelle's first LEAVEN publication, and I hope not the last.

The US is a litigious country, and insurance coverage essential. Leaders -- and their families -- should feel both more informed and more secure after reading Edie Eckman's "We've Got You Covered" and Hedy Nuriel's "FAQs about LLLI Liability Insurance." Hedy encourages any Leader who has questions about LLLI insurance coverage to contact her.

Anne Hutton presents "A New Look at the Old Year," with a great idea for targeted community exposure. Sometimes we don't realize what we have accomplished until we make a list. Their report helped educate some folks outside of their Group, encourage donations, and energized the Leaders and members for the New Year.

The 2005 World Breastfeeding Week Celebration is complete; Jane Tuttle and Robin Rziha wrote "Diverse in Purpose and Plan" to celebrate the efforts of the many people involved in the successful US 2005 WBW Celebration. They remind us that it is the "collective effort of small and large events with fundraising, awareness raising, or community development purposes that make the World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations a robust and diverse event."

From one corner of the world to the other, La Leche League Leaders and members are making a difference. In "The Official Breastfeeding Stamp," Toshi Jolliffe brings us the story behind the beautiful stamp issued by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to celebrate the national breastfeeding week.

Far away in South Windsor, Connecticut, USA, LLL Leaders and members have provided a Rock and Rest oasis at the Wapping Agricultural Fair for 13 years. The Rock and Rest tent is a wonderful service to mothers and babies at a Fair -- and I am speaking as a 4-H mother who accompanied my four children and their livestock, sewing, photography, and cooking exhibits to county and state fairs for 17 years. Thank you, Carol Delaney, for bringing us the story of LLL and the Wapping Fair!

Traveling further west, Sally Myer in McCook, Nebraska, USA proves living in a small town does not mean having small dreams. In "Grant Writing in a Small Town," Sally takes us along as she secures funding and shows how we can do it, too.

Since its inception, La Leche League International has endorsed the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes, and articles have appeared in LEAVEN. When Norma Escobar was chosen to participate as a representative of LLLI in a course on the WHO Code, she embarked on a journey of travel and learning. Thank you, Norma, for helping us better understand the WHO Code and its implications to our work as LLL Leaders. Look for future LEAVEN articles!

Thank you for your emails and letters! I enjoy hearing what you're enjoying, what you'd like to see in LEAVEN, and even about things you like to see less. Each email and letter are answered as promptly as possible, and shared with the LEAVEN team. Sometimes, though, I fail to be practically perfect, and misplace or lose a letter or email. Please, if you do not hear from me or another LEAVEN team member, write again to inquire what happened. You are important!

All over the world, Leaders do so much to help mothers and babies: on the telephone, at meetings, and in many unorthodox settings! What has your Group done? Please write to EditorLV at

May 2006 treat you kindly, and please remember to savor each moment and be good to yourselves!

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