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Announcing Web Pages for Leader Applicants

Alison Parkes and Karin Gausman
Co-Directors LLLI Leader Accreditation Department
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 42 No. 1, February-March 2006, p. 19.

Ladies and...ladies! Leaders and Applicants! Drum roll, please! The Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) is proud to announce the launch of Web pages for Leader Applicants! These pages will help you to access application materials easily (and more!). Read on to find out just what they have to offer you.

What's on these Web pages?

  • "Home Page" offers suggestions for how to use the pages, such as browsing for information, planning, and setting targets.
  • "Leader Applicant Basics" provides an overview of application work.
  • "Leader Applicant Resources" lists documents that can be accessed simply by clicking your computer mouse. Many resources are available in several languages.
  • "Design Your Own Application" invites each Applicant to prepare for leadership in ways that accommodate her preferred learning style. These pages present a range of options to help an Applicant, working together with her supporting Leader and LAD representative, to meet the LLLI Criteria of Accreditation.
  • "Articles" are categorized to match topics from the checklist found in the LEADER'S HANDBOOK.
  • "Online Exercises" offers Applicants the option of completing application work online and sending it directly to their Associate/Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (A/CLA).
  • "Isolated Applicants" aims to provide suggestions primarily for Applicants who do not have a local Group or supporting Leader.
  • "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) gives answers to some common questions from Applicants.

How do I access the site?

  • The address of the site is [address updated for website]
  • You can access the site from the LLLI Web site's home page.
  • Applicants and Leaders can use the Leader username and password.
  • There are many links to other pages. Just use your mouse and click on the links to access your chosen page or resource.

I'm a Leader Applicant. What do I do first?

  • Go to the "Home Page" of the LAD section to consider where you want to begin your "journey" through your application.
  • Use the "Online Exercises" to complete sections or all of any required or optional exercises and email them to your A/CLA. Alternatively, you can print out any of these exercises and use postal mail.
  • Refer to the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) to see if your questions are answered there. Your LAD representative or supporting Leader is also available to help you.
  • Layer your learning. Each Applicant brings unique experience and knowledge of breastfeeding and mothering to her application. Use the "Design Your Own Application" area to apply your knowledge to new situations and build your confidence as you prepare for LLL leadership. Talk with your Leader and LAD representative to plan a path that suits you.

I'm a Leader. How can I use these pages?

  • Read the "Design Your Own Application" section to get some ideas for how to work with Leader Applicants.
  • Use the "Resources" page to access application materials.
  • Recommend specific articles to the Leader Applicant from the "Articles" page.

One of the LAD's next projects is to develop Web pages to help Leaders who are working with Applicants. Many of you have a great deal of experience in this. We would be happy to hear from you so that we can learn from your ideas and share them on these up-and-coming pages. If you would like to be a part of the work group preparing the Web pages for supporting Leaders, let us know. Contact information is provided at the end of this article.

Although these Web pages are new tools for accrediting Leaders, we want to emphasize that Applicants are indeed welcome to continue to work in more traditional ways, sending postal or handwritten submissions to LAD representatives. Applicants working either way will have access to all the available resources and information. Leaders should make it clear to potential Leader Applicants that email is not a prerequisite to applying, and that Leaders are not required to have Internet access in order to support breastfeeding mothers. We want to know if you find these pages helpful, or have ideas to make them better. Please send your comments to Alison (AParkes at or Karin (KGausman at, or as postal mail to your local LAD representative, who will pass them on.

We think the Web pages for Leader Applicants speak for themselves, helping to make leadership preparation more accessible, so please go online and check them out!

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