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From the Executive Director: FAQs about LLLI Liability Insurance

Hedy Nuriel
Executive Director
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 42 No. 1, February-March 2006, p. 2.

LLLI carries general liability and professional services insurance for all volunteer Leaders. As long as a Leader has paid her dues, she is covered. Here are responses to the questions Leaders ask most frequently about this insurance.

Q: Does the insurance cover Leaders in countries outside the United States?
A: Yes, LLLI coverage is worldwide. Our Professional Liability Insurance is allowed in every country. All Leaders in the International Division and Affiliates are covered. No country disallows our insurance.

Q: What does the Leader professional services insurance cover?
A: The performance of providing education, information, and support through meetings, seminars, Conferences, workshops, Internet services, and one-to-one help. It covers the Leader when she gives information in person or on the phone.

Q: Does this include District, Area, Regional, Affiliate, and Divisional meetings, as well as LLL Group meetings? Does it include home visits?
A: Yes, it includes all of these, as well as phone calls and home visits.

Q: What sort of liability issues will the insurance pay for?
A: The policy will cover all sums LLLI becomes obligated to pay as damages from claims made against LLLI for which the organization is legally liable. This could include, for example:

  • Failure to hold a meeting or return a call.
  • Harm to mother or baby.
  • Misinformation that leads to harm.
  • Personal injury (including libel, slander, emotional distress, or humiliation that results in injury to a person's feelings or reputation).
  • Property damage.
  • Personal injury from falling at a meeting.

Q: What if a Leader does not have the most up-to-date information? What if she is doing work for LLL not specifically described in LLL publications? Is she still covered?
A: She is covered if she is listed with LLLI as a Leader. She is not covered, however, if she is doing work for another organization or is acting as a lactation consultant or giving medical advice.

Q: What is excluded from coverage?
A: Because Leaders are volunteers and lay individuals (not able to give medical advice in the name of LLL), our insurance excludes coverage for:

  • Any work she is doing for which she receives payment from a non-LLLI body.
  • Medical malpractice (including, but not limited to, the rendering of or failure to render medical professional services).

In addition, the insurance will not cover cross liability suits (lawsuits between LLL Leaders, employees, and/or entities).

Q: Can a Leader ever receive payment and still be eligible for LLLI insurance coverage?
A: Yes, she could still be covered if paid in situations such as:

  • Teaching a class or giving a talk (about LLL topics) while using her LLL Leader title.
  • Doing work for LLL in which she has special expertise (e.g., translations or legal work).
  • Speaking at a conference.

Please note, however, that her coverage is only with respect to professional services.

Q: What if a Leader is doing voluntary work for another organization (e.g., a birth center or hospital) as an LLL Leader? What if she is working with others (e.g., health professionals) on a project that relates to LLL through a set of agreements?
A: Again, she is covered, but only with respect to professional services. As long as she is performing duties as an LLL Leader, not giving medical advice, and not an employee of another organization, and is called into that situation because of her knowledge as a Leader, she is covered.

Q: If there were damage caused by a Leader's children who have accompanied her on her Leader work, for example, to a series meeting or home visit, would our insurance cover this?

A: If LLL is found legally liable for the damages, then our general liability policy will cover this (both in the United States and outside of the United States). There is no deductible on this coverage. If this is a third party claim (a claim from someone who is not connected to LLL) and LLL is responsible, then it is covered under your general liability policy and there is no deductible

Q: I understand my activities as an LLL Leader are covered by Leaders' professional coverage insurance, and the LLL general liability policy will apply in certain situations. But I heard about a "deductible" -- what is that and who pays it?
A. It is common in insurance for policies to have a "deductible." This is a set dollar amount that the insured agrees to pay before the insurance company begins their payment. Many of your health insurance or personal homeowners/automobile policies have the same provisions. This is done to reduce the "nuisance" claims that would be best paid by the insured and also reduces the premiums that insureds pay.

The General Liability policy does not have a deductible. The Professional Liability policy has a $25,000 per claim deductible.

If a claim is made, LLLI will pay the deductible, not an individual Leader.

Q: I understand an increase in Leader dues is being considered. How much would Leader dues increase, and what would we get for our money?
A: A $1 to $2 dollar (US) increase in Leaders dues has been proposed. This increase will allow LLLI to possibly increase the insurance limits (currently at $1,000,000) and decrease the policy deductible (currently at $25,000 per claim) that our current program carries without changing coverage to the organization or to Leaders.

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