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Rejuvenating Ideas for World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations
The "I Have No Energy" List

Michelle Moore, Carbondale KS USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 44, No. 1, 2008, p. 23

If you are saying, "My event for World Breastfeeding Week is already all planned," you obviously have it all together. For the rest of you, please give me a few minutes. You are that "one person" who can make a tremendous difference if you just give LLL one hour of your time to plan your 2008 event. You cannot fail unless you do nothing. This list is for the lone Leader, the burnt-out Leader, and the Leader who feels like she doesn't have time to think of a WBWC activity.

Imagine what you really enjoy doing -- something that energizes you. Go with this idea for your WBWC, keep it simple, and have a good time. Here are some ideas:

  1. Scrapbook Time: To make this a fundraiser, mothers can make a donation to participate in a scrapbooking party. Mothers who volunteer to help can call vendors to donate scrapbooking supplies and food, or perhaps everyone can bring her own treat and supplies to share with each other.
  2. Swimming Party: Pick your family's favorite swimming place and invite everybody you know and just have fun. Negotiate a reduced rate with the pool and donate the difference to LLL. Having a picnic or snacks encourages participation. Make sure there is a children's wading pool. Attendees may make donations to WBWC.
  3. Museum Outing: Pick a museum and call to negotiate a reduced rate. What you save could be donated to WBWC.
  4. Zoo Outing: Pick a zoo or park and call to reserve a time. Or, if it is just a few people, you only need to show up and have a great time. You may want to make t-shirts (or something else) to commemorate the day, but try to recruit someone willing to do the work. Ask attendees to donate to WBWC.
  5. Make-It-Take-It Craft: Call a craft or hobby store and see if you can reserve a time for a craft class. If someone in your Group is interested in hobbies, they may be willing to do this for you. A percentage of the sales or fee from the hobby store might be donated to the WBWC, and mothers can be asked to donate.
  6. Learn a Craft: Find out if someone in your Group is willing to donate her time to teach a craft to others: quilting, crocheting, knitting, baking, bulk cooking, etc. Send a notice to the newspaper for publicity. Ask attendees to donate to WBWC.
  7. Baby Massage Class: Find a massage therapist to donate her time. Offer the class for a nominal fee to raise WBWC money for your Group.
  8. Finish the sentence, "If I had an hour to myself I would...." If it is something you can do in a public place, invite mothers to join you. Ideas might include writing in journals and then sharing at a coffee shop, or discussing a book at a shop and enjoying a sweet treat.

You are limited only by your imagination!

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