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The LLL Alumnae Association: It's not just for retired LLL Leaders and Members!

Fran Dereszynski
LLL Alumnae Association
From: Leaven, Vol. 45 No. 1, 2009, p. 8

The LLL Alumnae Association is not just for retired Leaders -- it's open to any current or retired LLL Leaders and members. The Alums are now independent and have their own treasurer and officers and are responsible for their own budget, projects, expenses, and printing and mailing of their newsletter. Many members enjoy receiving Continuum, the Alumnae newsletter, published three times a year. Readers tell us that they look forward to inspirational articles, just as they did when they read New Beginnings in their early days of mothering. What are the benefits? Members:

  • Connect together to build on the philosophies of La Leche League as their children grow.
  • Have school-age children, teens, and adult children who share their joys and concerns as well as aspects of grandparenting, aging parents, and other issues of womanhood including separation, divorce, or related circumstances.
  • Can be part of a world-wide network of women sharing, supporting, and learning from one another.
  • Are choosing between retirement or redesign if LLL Leadership does not fit into their lives like it used to do.
  • Read Continuum articles on personal growth, parenting, book reviews, women's health issues and more.
  • Can join Alum Listservs/Online Discussion Groups, an invaluable opportunity to share wisdom and feelings about life's challenges (e.g., aging parents, challenging children, empty nest, living alone).
  • Attend Alum trips; in the past they visited Grand Canyon, Savannah, San Antonio, and Philadelphia.

Log on to to access the Membership Form, visit the scrapbook, read past issues of Continuum, and for more information about "News and Events." Membership is $20 per year. (Note: this option is no longer available through LLLI's billing of Leader Dues.)

To pay by credit card, join online at: You can also send a $20 check via postal mail to: Susan Geil, Alumnae Treasurer, 4868 N. Hermitage Avenue, Chicago, IL 66040.

If you know of any interested retired Leaders, please share this information with them.

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