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Protecting the LLL Name and Logo

From: LEAVEN, Vol. 44, No. 3, 2008, p. 10

Have you ever wondered how the LLL logo can be used when planning Group events, designing promotional materials, or selling merchandise?

The guidelines for using the LLL name and logo appear in the Policies and Standing Rules (PSR), Appendix 26. The following is a general overview.

On what types of materials can Leaders use the LLL name and logo?

LLL Groups, Chapters, Districts, Areas, Divisions, and Affiliates may use the LLL logo and name La Leche League for official business on stationery, forms, publications, notices, etc., as described below.

Can Leaders use the logo and LLL name on items that will be sold?

A La Leche League representative or member may use the LLL logo or name La Leche League on an item which is sold if 1) the item is approved by the Executive Director or her designate and 2) a royalty of five percent of the retail selling price is paid to LLLI for the use of the logo. Sales of these items must benefit an LLL Group, Chapter, District, Area, Division, Affiliate, or LLLI.

Who should be contacted if a Leader wants to use the LLL logo or name?

Within La Leche League, approval is required for the use of the LLL logo or name in two circumstances. First, when the logo and/or name appears on an item to be sold; and second, when the logo and/or name is incorporated into a design for the first time. Approval is granted by the Executive Director or her designate.

If the logo or name is used alone, no approval is necessary. Use the guidelines given below.

What is the correct way to use the LLL logo?

The logo must be an exact reproduction of the LLL logo used at the top of this article. The line around the oval is part of the logo design. The light and dark areas of the logo design can be reversed. There are no color restrictions for the logo or name. There are no typestyle restrictions for the name "La Leche League."

The logo and name can be incorporated into a design (such as a state or country map) if the entire logo and/or name are kept intact. If incorporated in a design, the placement of the Registration Mark (R) for the logo is the same as if the logo stood alone. The Registration Mark which is shown as a circle around a capital "R," is placed at the lower right hand area of the logo, outside the oval and next to the mother's hand. No Registration Mark is required with the name La Leche League when it is used by anyone within the organization.

The Registration Mark must be used when the logo is applied to printed matter. However, on an item like jewelry it can be omitted.

The entire design must be in good taste. It can be submitted to the Executive Director if there is a question as to whether the design is appropriate and correct. In all cases, the judgment of the Executive Director is final.

If either the logo or name is used inappropriately, the person will be notified through the proper established channels.

Can people and/or organizations outside LLL use the LLL name and logo?

Other organizations, businesses, or publications may use the logo only with the express, written permission of the LLLI Executive Director. Requests will be considered on an individual basis and all terms of the agreement including royalties will be determined by the Executive Director.

The LLLI Policies and Standing Rules can be found in its entirety in the Leader section of the LLLI Web site @

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