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Inspiration All Around Us

S. Baber
Portland OR USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 43 No. 3, July-August-September 2007, p. 57

It may seem rare these days, but I feel we're surrounded by inspiration, just unable to appreciate it most of the time. In today's fast-paced world it's so easy to get distracted and miss these uplifting moments. Or if we are aware, it's fleeting and life moves us on to something else. I believe we cross paths with someone inspirational much more often than we realize. These special people all around us have the ability to make others feel important and needed; they inspire us to be better. It comes from their heart and flows naturally without any motivation except to share their passion. A perfect example is La Leche League Leaders, who give from the heart, inspiring others, and touch people's lives on a very personal level. La Leche league Leaders are inspiring and valuable to breastfeeding mothers, each other, and the world -- they should not be taken for granted! Of those I have had the pleasure to work with, one Leader in particular has motivated and inspired me through her passion and kind heart.

Mary, one of my co-Leaders, has been an inspiration to me in my LLL work from the very beginning. In fact, I might not have become a Leader if I hadn't confided in her. I wanted to become a Leader from the moment I attended my first Series Meeting. I knew that I had found my home among these wonderful women who shared my feelings about mothering. I started my application for LLL leadership as soon as I could, but life can get in the way of the best intentions. During a lengthy time off from my application, I shared my feelings with Mary, who was also applying for leadership. I confessed that I was on the fence; I felt like I was becoming disconnected from our Group and my hopes of becoming a Leader were fading. It wasn't her exact words that inspired me; it was her absolute certainty that I was needed and that she felt strongly that I should continue my application. Her passion caused me to reexamine my priorities and reminded me why I wanted to become a Leader in the first place. I refocused on becoming a Leader and we were accredited together at the 2004 LLL Area Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA. I was thrilled to have accomplished my goal and honored to have Mary as my co-Leader. I know I made the right decision. Still, occasionally my commitment waivers, but every time Mary brings me back. She has an incredible knack for knowing the right things to say when I'm feeling overwhelmed with life and Leader responsibilities and again reminds me of why I originally started this work.

Then I go to a meeting, and I know that she's right -- I am needed. I see a room full of mothers, each with a hopeful look that they will find reassurance and a kind word. I try my best to offer each of them exactly what she is searching for, just as Mary does for me, as Leaders do for others all over the world. I hope that I can offer these mothers a bit of inspiration and perhaps even pass it along. Ah, yes, I do remember why I started this work and what a wonderful surprise to have been uplifted and inspired in the process. And I know it's something I shouldn't take for granted.

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