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As Easy as ABC - Fund Raising from A to W

by Mary Hurt
2001 Conference Team and PR Associate

from LEAVEN, Volume 36, No 3, June-July 2000, p. 49

There's still plenty of time to raise funds so that you will be able to attend LLLI's 17th International Breastfeeding Conference: A Kaleidoscope of Family, Friends, and Cultures, July 7-10, 2001 at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Why not gather the Leaders, Leader Applicants, LLL members, and other mothers in your Group to discuss possible fund raising ideas? An idea begun is half done.

Just for fun we have included an abbreviated A-W list of fund raising ideas.

Auction of gifts, services, or talents donated by local community members.
ooks La Leche League books offered for sale at meetings.
offee break with homemade baked goods for sale at an office building or at a farmer's market.
iscount books that give coupons for everything from dry cleaning to fast food.
ats and treats holiday bake sale.
UNDING HANDBOOK, Revised July 1999, Available from LLLI.
arage sale or tag sale with back-to-school, maternity, baby items, etc., for sale.
alloween "good-for-you" giveaway items (pencils, pens, stickers, etc.) or used costume sale.
nform mothers about the benefits of LLLI Membership.
Join forces with a friend - be determined that both of you will get to the Conference.
Kids' gift fair, where children can buy gifts at reasonable costs for holidays.
EADER'S HANDBOOK 1998 Edition, pp. 155-156, good basic guidelines for fund raising.
edela and LLLI Breastfeeding-Aids Sales Program.
o Bake Sale: ask mothers to donate the money they would have spent baking goods.
utreach to the community by asking for donations and support.
arty Planning - many companies that sell goods at home gatherings or parties will offer a percentage of sales to an LLL Group.
uite an assortment of ideas to be found online under fund raising.
affles of donated items.
ale of crafts, books, plants, etc.
-shirts, telecommunications cards.
sed children's clothing sale - especially effective right before school starts.
ariety show, charge an entrance fee, set up a photo booth, have a bake sale.
orld Walk for Breastfeeding! Set a goal to raise money toward winning a Conference Registration! Three full conference registrations plus travel and accommodations are offered as Walk Prizes! (See Walker Brochure in 2000 Walk Kit for complete list of prizes.)

You may wonder why I stopped with W instead of continuing on to Z. It is very difficult to come up with fund raising ideas that start with x, y, or z, and besides, you need not go any further than the World Walk for Breastfeeding to find a great fund raising activity. At a once-a-year fund raiser you can publicize the benefits of breastfeeding, hold an exciting and fun-filled event, help mothers and babies around the world, and at the same time earn enough money to go to the Conference.

With a little more effort in seeking out supporters for the Walk you could raise enough to attend the Conference. Rebecca Magalhaes, who is Director of Action and Development at La Leche League International, manages to secure many pledges for the Walk we hold at LLLI Headquarters. She sends letters to family and friends describing her work in helping mothers. She feels the letters are one way of keeping in touch, spreading the word about breastfeeding, and securing donations to help the work of LLLI to continue. After relating the news about the projects she is involved in, she usually includes a paragraph to the effect of: "I obviously continue to believe strongly in the necessity of getting the message of breastfeeding out to as many people as possible and that is why I'm requesting your support for the annual LLLI World Walk for Breastfeeding. The Walk is held to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week (August 1 - 7) and is a fund raiser for LLLI."

Leaders from one Group made up post cards announcing the date, time, and location of their Walk and asking for support by walking, sponsoring a Walker, or making a donation. At their meetings, they asked each mother to personalize the post cards, add postage, and send to two people they knew. This year, an invitation post card has been added to the Walk Kit and more can be ordered from LLLI.

There are many ways to achieve sponsorship for the Walk and let others in the community know about breastfeeding and La Leche League as a resource for mothers who want to nurse their babies. Who knows? Maybe the letter or post card you send to a health professional will not only result in a donation but also result in the health professional becoming more aware of how La Leche League can help the mothers of the community.

In any case, it might be easier than you think to walk to the LLLI Conference! See you in Chicago!

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