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Serendipity Strikes Again

Lisa Jones
Wellington, Florida, USA
Diane Beckman
Cary, North Carolina, USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 37 No. 3, August-September 2001, p. 59

Lisa's story

We have all heard the saying "It's such a small world!" Well, that was never so evident for me as it was one beautiful sunny day this last July. I live in southern Florida, but I was visiting family in New Jersey, USA. Since my family lives close to New York City, one afternoon we all decided to visit the Museum of Natural History. After wandering for an hour or so through the museum's amazing dinosaur exhibit, my mother, my small children, and I all needed to make a visit to the toilet facility. My mother took my children in and I waited outside until she returned. When I went in, there was a short line (a queue) and a matron directing traffic into the stalls. I glanced behind me and I realized the face behind me was a familiar one. But in such a crowded place? In such a crowded city? it seemed impossible!

I turned to the woman behind me, smiled and pointed at her, "I know you!"

"Yes," she said back, "You're Lisa!"

It was Diane Beckman, an LLL Leader, Book Evaluation Committee (BEC) Chairperson, and fellow "LLLOnliner." I was so flustered by seeing someone I knew in such an unlikely spot in New York City of all places, that I was completely ignoring the pleas of the matron saying, "Next please!" Diane and I laughed in amazement for a minute while we chatted. If I had not let my mother go in first, I would have missed this odd little moment in time.

Diane's tale

My family is used to LLL enriching our daily lives, even on vacation. This past summer we fulfilled a family dream: my husband wanted to spend several days in New York City, my daughter wanted to see a Broadway show, and my son wanted to visit every world-class planetarium in the galaxy.

Our dreams came true, in large part thanks to the hospitality of LLL Leader Sarah Friend Barnett, New York City travel expert and tour guide extraordinaire! After visiting the Hayden planetarium, we ventured in "my" zone of the museum - the dinosaur hall. There I noticed an attractive woman in a colorful heart-design tie-dyed dress and felt an instant kinship. Fifteen minutes later, I was standing behind her in line, and we looked in each other's eyes with shocked recognition: it was a dear friend from LLL Cyberspace! Although we had only met once before in person, for a few minutes at an LLLI Conference, Lisa and I have worked together for several years as LLL representatives on Parent Soup. I know her sense of humor, her favorite font, and her areas of breastfeeding expertise - we are co-Leaders, even though we've never been to each other's hometown.

The conclusion is inevitable: it really is a small world, after all.

Postscript from Diane Beckman: The LLL world lost a wonderful Leader and cherished friend when Sarah Barnett died unexpectedly February 11, 2001, just two weeks after this article was originally submitted for publication.

Diane Beckman is a Leader in Cary, North Carolina, USA where she lives with her husband, Douglas, and children Max (12) and Selena (16), when they aren't traveling to a scenic corner of the US or Europe. Lisa Jones, wife of Mike, mother of Morgan (age 7) and Ian (age 5), is originally from central New Jersey but now calls sunny south Florida home. An LLL Leader for five years, Lisa now teaches full time in an accelerated multiple intelligences program preschool near her home in Wellington, Florida.

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