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Small Streams Make a Mighty River

Helene Scheff
North Kingstown RI USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 40 No. 3, June-July 2004, p.58.

When you receive solicitations from La Leche League asking for financial support, do you tend to think, “I can’t send much. What difference would it make?” Rest assured—all donations make a difference. When you invest in something that is so very close to your heart, you become a part of the LLL continuum, passing information and support from one generation to the next. How can you do this? Read on!

How do you think about La Leche League? Some people think of it as a foundation for how they raise their children from pregnancy on through the young adult years. LLL serves as sort of a safe “umbrella,” allowing the freedom to run through rain and puddles, learning an individual style of parenting (splash, splash) without really getting soaked. If you value this opportunity and information, say thank you to LLLI in word and deed. Make a contribution equal to the cost of an umbrella for each member of your family. Why? So that all the people who are touched by La Leche League have the same opportunity under the LLL umbrella!

Some people consider LLL to be their extended family, always there to nourish and encourage, to feed mind and spirit. When you are invited to a meal, it is not unusual for you to bring a hostess gift. Consider sending a “hostess gift” of money to the LLL table. Why? So that La Leche League can continue to feed all the others who want to be nourished. Conversely, when you are actually invited to someone’s home for dinner, try something different from the traditional bottle of wine or box of chocolates. Give them a card that tells them a donation has been made to LLLI in their honor.

Some people think of LLL as having taught them a great way to save money by doing what comes naturally. Think of what a week’s supply of infant formula would cost, or a month’s, or a year’s. Make a commitment to send one of these amounts to La Leche League. If everyone did that, what a difference we would see in yearly support to LLLI!

We all need to show that we want La Leche League to be there for our children and grandchildren. (Now I look to the day when it is there for my grandchildren’s children as well. With an 18-year-old grandson, how far away can that be?) Step up and be counted. I hear that during the United States’ economic depression of the 1930s, people would say that they “put a penny to a penny” and then had something to show for it. We are asking you to do just that for La Leche League. While you’re thinking about it, won’t you mail your most generous gift today? Many thanks.

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