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A Sneak Peek at LLLI 2005 Conference Sessions

Mary Hurt
LLL Public Relations Associate
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 40 No. 3, June-July 2004, p. 62.

Ever wonder where you can find the latest information on alligator wrestling? Does the thought of your child bullying or being bullied keep you awake at night? Did you think you’d be able to find information on such different topics all in one place? Of course you can, if you attend the LLLI Conference. Join us to learn, share, and make a difference in Washington DC, July 2-5, 2005. Here’s your first glimpse into the enlightening sessions planned for the LLLI 2005 Conference.

At her humorous and motivating presentation “Surviving by Your Wisdom and Wit: Inspiration to Handle Stressful Life Situations,” Ana Tampanna, MFA, will teach Conference attendees how to wrestle the “alligators” in their lives such as relationship problems and losses. The session will include audience participation, coaching techniques, and personal strategies for coping with life’s difficult times. Ana’s approach to handling challenges, crisis, and tragedy will involve personal creativity, humor, and “out of the box resources.” The session will help you stay centered in your own strong truth while accessing your personal wisdom.

In another session, “Meaningful Connections: the Importance of Women’s Friendships,” Tampanna will help participants explore life defining moments with each other, mirroring and processing the values and insights that result. From early experiences of leadership as children to experiences of danger, loss, and triumph, we can strengthen our confidence and validation through deep connection in friendship. Expect to leave this workshop with new friendships to treasure.

Ms. Tampanna, professional speaker and coach, is the author of The Womanly Art of Alligator Wrestling: Inspirational Stories for Outrageous Women Who Survive by Their Wisdom and Wit and the booklet, Managing Life’s Difficult Times: 75 Tips for Handling Crisis and Tragedy in a Healthy Way.

Barbara Coloroso, internationally recognized speaker and author in the area of parenting will present two sessions at the LLLI Conference: “The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander,” subject of one of her national bestselling books, and “Children and Ethics,” the subject of a soon-to-be published book. Ms. Coloroso is an educational consultant for school districts, the medical and business community, the criminal justice system, and other educational associations in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and Iceland.

She is the author of two international best sellers: Kids are Worth It! Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline and Parenting through Crisis: Helping Kids in Times of Loss, Grief and Change.

Coloroso believes that all parents must teach their children that they believe in them, trust in them, have faith that they can handle situations, are listened to, are cared for, and are very important to them. She is a sought-after speaker who gives practical information in a clear, interesting, and inspiring manner. Expect to leave her sessions better prepared to be the parent you want to be.

Additional speakers and sessions will be announced in future editions of LEAVEN, NEW BEGINNINGS, and on the LLLI Web site. Plan to attend the 19th International Breastfeeding Conference, July 2-5, 2005 at the Hilton Washington and Towers, Washington DC, USA so you can experience exhilarating sessions and a breastfeeding-friendly world.

New York Based Ripplewood Foundation
Generously Donates Money for 2005 LLLI Conference Scholarships

Leader Constance Pond and her husband, Glen Hubbard, successfully solicited a $15,000 grant to be awarded to LLL Leaders for scholarships to attend the 2005 LLLI Conference in Washington, DC, USA. According to Constance, “Keeping our ears open and being creative,” led to this unique venture in fundraising.

When Glenn recently joined the Board of Directors of a financial company, Constance and Glenn learned that the head of the company had money available to donate to good causes. Glenn could ask for gifts for special charities that might need money for specific purposes. What nonprofit organization is as special as La Leche League?

Constance and Glenn worked with Pam Oselka, the LLLI Associate Director of Funding Development, to decide on appropriate materials to acquaint the prospective donor with the work of LLL. They discussed a variety of possible fundable projects. Constance and Pam identified a project that was specific, useful, and easy to explain—scholarships for the next LLLI Conference. Constance and Glenn carefully drafted a letter. The day after it was sent, Glenn received a call saying the request was approved. A week later, LLLI received the $15,000 check.

LLLI is very grateful to the Ripplewood Foundation for its generosity and grateful to Constance and Glenn. Because of their hard work and ingenuity, approximately 30 Leaders from around the world will attend the LLLI Conference, Breastfeeding: Ancient Art-Modern Miracle, July 2-5, 2005.
Esmé Nel, Leader South Africa, has agreed to head the scholarship committee. Look for further information about the scholarship applications on the LLLI Web site and in future issues of LEAVEN.

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