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Board Report: Board Actions, March 2005

From: LEAVEN, Vol. 41 No. 3, June-July 2005, pp. 69-70.

Abstract: The LLLI Board took actions of interest to Leaders at its March 2005 meeting. New members and officers were elected. The Award for Leaders was decided. The 2005-06 Budget was passed and members of the Grievance Commission reappointed. The LLLI Employee Handbook and the Policies and Standing Rules Notebook were updated. New members will be invited to join the Professional Advisory Board. The next Board meeting is July 6, 2005 in Washington, DC, USA at the LLLI Conference.

The Annual Session of the La Leche League International Board of Directors met in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA, March 3-7, 2005. At the Annual Session we hold elections for new Board members and for officers for the coming year. Two big items also on our agenda were the LLLI Budget and the culmination of the appraisal of our Executive Director. We often have outside experts come in at meetings and this March we spent time with our insurance agents and with a communications facilitator.

The following actions were taken at the formal LLLI Board of Directors meeting on Sunday, March 6. The actions are in bold, listed by topics. A narrative clarifying the action follows each action.

Nominating Committee

The officers elected for the 2005-06 year are:
Chairman: Marcia Lutostanski
First Vice Chairman: Heidi Sloss
Second Vice Chairman: Sharon Vines
Treasurer: Sharon Matuszek
Secretary: Jane Tuttle
Member at Large: Rachel O'Leary

New Members elected to the LLLI Board (by Zone) are:
Africa/Middle East: Ellen Shein, from Israel
Asia/South Pacific: Rosemary Gordon, from New Zealand
Eastern USA: Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, from New Hampshire, USA
Latin America: Paloma Lerma, from Mexico

Members reelected to the LLLI Board are:
Eastern United States Zone: Sharon Matuszek, Jean Moneyhon, and Sharon Vines

Member at Large: Marcia Lutostanski

We thank the following retiring LLLI Board members for their years of service: Susan Deo, Nan Jolly, Trudy Hartt, Phoebe Kerness, and Mimi de Maza.

Awards Committee

The LLLI Board approved the recipients for the Award for Leaders honoring their collaborative effort that has made a significant contribution toward helping mothers breastfeed. In addition the LLLI Board voted to present a special award at the 2005 LLLI Conference.

Bylaws Committee

The following polices were deleted as part of the regular review and updating of the LLLI Policies and Standing Rules Notebook (PSR).

Administrators: Recommended Meeting Attendance: To stay in touch with the needs and concerns of breastfeeding mothers, Leaders who have assumed administrative positions are strongly encouraged to attend at least one Group Meeting and one local Leader function each year (Oct '89).

There are many ways for administrators to keep in contact with mothers and babies. This useful recommendation belongs in Leader education materials.

Authors, Commissioning: The Executive Director shall be authorized to commission LLLI staff members or hire qualified persons to write books on subjects that are compatible with the purpose of LLLI (Feb '82).

This policy is best placed in the LLLI Employee Handbook and is already part of the Executive Director's job description.

Finance Committee—Budget Subcommittee

The Board of Directors of LLLI approved the proposed budget for the Fiscal Year 2005-06 as submitted by the Executive Director on March 6, 2005.

The budget for La Leche League International for the Fiscal Year 2005-06 projects Total Revenue of $4,200,324. The budget projects Total Expenses of $4,139,844, an allocation of $50,000 to build reserves, and an increase in net assets of $10,480. Revenue includes $226,166 in Membership revenue from USA members. In order to meet this projection, $46,000 was budgeted from an increase in membership fees. This amount could also be met by increasing membership numbers rather than amounts. The Executive Director has issued a challenge to bring in 2300 new members before August 1, 2005, in order to keep memberships in the USA at $36 rather than increasing dues to $40.

The Fiscal Year 2005-06 budget represents projections that will help us move toward financial security. Preparation of this budget included careful evaluation of trends over recent years, operations for the current fiscal year, and detailed rationale of proposed revenue and expenses. This budget anticipates a successful LLLI Conference, publication of five new LLLI books, a special 50th Anniversary appeal, initiation of e-commerce, and an increase in membership revenue. Significant reductions have been made in many budget lines reflecting cost-saving measures implemented by LLLI staff.

Personnel Committee

The LLLI Board of Directors approved the inclusion of "Use of LLLI Resources" policy in the LLLI Employee Handbook.

This policy covers personal use by LLLI office staff of LLLI technology (Internet, email, telephone, etc.).

Personnel Committee—Grievance Commission Liaisons

In terms of the Grievance Procedure (PSR Appendix 40), the LLLI Board of Directors renewed for one year the terms of Louise Cox, Joan Crothers, Eileen Harrison, Ilene Traiger, and Nan Volette.

See for more information about the Grievance Commission.

Professional Advisory Board

The Board voted to invite several new members to serve on the Legal Advisory Council and a new member to serve on the Health Advisory Council of the LLLI Professional Advisory Board.

Program Services Committee

The following policy was added to the Policies and Standing Rules Notebook and LLLI Employee Handbook:


All contracts with La Leche League International are to be signed by the LLLI Executive Director. Contracts and /or grants with LLLI greater than US $50,000 or that significantly relate to the reputation and/or credibility of LLL are to be co-signed by the La Leche League International Chairman of the Board or her designee; additional co-signers may be included.

The La Leche League International Board of Directors shall be the sole and exclusive authority to permit any act that expresses or implies sponsorship, endorsement, authorization, or approval by LLLI of any person, service, or item. Contracts of expressed or implied LLLI endorsements or sponsorships are to be negotiated and signed by the Chairman of the LLLI Board of Directors or her designee and the LLLI Executive Director.

The LLLI Board of Directors is the sole body authorized to make endorsements or approve sponsorships of people, services and /or products for LLLI. A major responsibility of the LLLI Board of Directors is logo and trademark protection. This change is in accordance with best business practices.

The last day of the meeting, March 7, was used to begin planning for the upcoming year. Committees and workgroups are being formed over the next few weeks. If you are interested in working on a Board committee or workgroup, please let us know. You can look for information on the Community Network or write to us at LLLIBOD at

The next LLLI Board meeting will be immediately following the LLLI Conference on Wednesday, July 6, in Washington, DC, USA.

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